What Do You Think of Naughty Volvo?

Naughty Volvo So… Volvo sent me this email tempting me to check out the Naughty Volvo. It sure looks hawt, but naughty…? I don’t know if I’ll take that. Volvo has been focusing on safety, quality and environmental care with their design and their advertising for years. Volvo has been “luxurious”, “Scandinavian design”, and always “safe”. This “naughty” stuff confuses me with the new S60. And after asking what others think from a few of my friends on Twitter, it seems to confuse a few others as well. I get that Volvo wants to reach to young and trendy female demographic. That’s one of the reasons they have been a very visible partner for dangerously popular Twilight movie series. Twilight fans are 90% female. I get that many moms love Twilight and especially because many moms of teenagers have told it is one of those things she can share with her daughter. While I do think Volvos make excellent first cars for teenagers, the $37,700 price tag truly makes Volvo S60 priced pretty “naughty” for the younger Twilight demographic. I think most moms wouldn’t want anything “naughty” to be promoted to their daughters though. So maybe the Naughty S60 is targeting naughty men..? Volvo Twilight Edward Volvo Twilight The Twilight product placement and partnership was brilliant to get Volvo’s image trendier, but I think the naughty branding is as far off as “Kid friendly Las Vegas”, especially because after checking out the car more closely, it has some amazing new safety technology called pedestrian detection making the car automatically stop if it detects something in the front of the car. That sounds more “nice” than “naughty” to me! What do you think?
  1. Katja – I’m with you on this – the ‘naughty’ marketing seems to be a bit of a ‘miss’ on this – for all of the reasons you mentioned – the demographic, the price tag, the avoidance of the reference to ‘safety’ and other highly rated facets…..

  2. This is a misfire that will not stand the test of time. I’m sure it made sense in an ad agency conference room as the lived with at months and months of Twilight work.

    I agree with Juho that they should stick with designed by women if they want to attract women. However, I do believe the car can still sell if it is well-designed–this campaign will not kill it. These days marketing messages hardly matter…people look to product first, and community sentiment second, for 90% of their influence and decision making about a purchase.

  3. I forgot that the books have Edward driving a Volvo as well. Which I guess I understand since Edward is the most old fashioned of the Cullen clan. So…
    Okay, Volvo is mentioned in the books and in the movies. Still….doesn’t make it dangerous. It’s like they are trying to be something they aren’t and we bloggers stand firmly against that. TRANSPARENCY is #1.

  4. Yeah I’m definitely sharing your sentiment. All these years Volvo was considered slightly ‘boring’ for stressing safety, family, environment and whatnot… and now that these values are finally in vogue due to terrorism, global warming and what have you… they’re turning their back to it? Doesn’t make a lot of sense…

    If they’re after the young females more now, they should have followed up on the ‘designed by women’ prototype a few years ago. Confusion is among the worst marketing sins… confused people just don’t buy. They move on.

  5. Nice try, Volvo. A for effort, but a big fat F for effective marketing. Stick with marketing it as a quality, safe car. And please stop calling it naughty unless Kellan Lutz is sitting in the back seat with a can of whipped cream.

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