Naughty and Safe?

November 19, 2010 Katja Presnal

Naughty and Safe?

volvo ad Follow up on my last week’s post.. So last week Volvo is promoting how naughty it is, and saying there is “more to life than playing it safe”. This week’s promo is all about safe + secure coverage plan, and using traditional words compelling to moms like “holiday cheer”, “complimentary”, “savings” and “sales event”. While I understand that they want to reach different target markets and that different messaging appeals to different demographics, the fact that these two messages were delivered to me the same method within one week of each others is confusing marketing. Kudos for getting the message back what Volvo really is about, but I am still hoping for more exciting marketing, that also makes sense, naughty Volvo doesn’t.

Katja Presnal

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