New Disney Store in NYC & my Kids on TV on the Disney Channel

Disney opened their new two story high Disney Store on New York’s Times Square a few weeks ago with big festivities. The store includes a fun custom Cars builder, a magical tree that changed by the seasons (done by lights) and a magical mirror – and it is a fun destination for any Disney lover. Our family had an opportunity to visit the store the first day it was open, and we got a VIP tour by Disney. The event’s highlight for my kids wasn’t the store though. No, don’t take me wrong – they loved the store and have been begging to go back to do some Christmas shopping (Tangled dolls are the big thing!), but their highlight was to meet Gregg Sulkin of Disney’s Wizards of the Waverly Place TV show, and the Avalon High movie. Gregg was celebrating the Disney Store’s Grand Opening and giving autographs in the store – watch the video, that’s the best way to virtually visit the store. My two girls had so many questions for Gregg Sulkin, but by the time they got in the front of him – they both got their tongues tied… (hm, same happened when I met George Clooney!) My 7 year old son though – he had so much to say to Gregg that the Disney 365 crew got it all on the tape and my kids now have a one second appearance on the Disney Channel’s Disney 365 TV show. But this one second (at 1:47 in the above video) means more than anything if you are a hard core Disney Channel fan like my kids! Here is the screenshot: Gregg Sulkin So needless to say – the Disney Store opening is the biggest thing that has happened to my kids in the past few weeks, and that makes me love Disney just a little more. Oh – and yes, I did get tickets for the Disney Social Media Moms conference in March, and we are coming the entire family. Will I see you there?

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