You are the Author of Your Happily Ever After

We can write our own happily ever after. And we can start it today. We can look for signs that give us the confidence to do things – or we can be pessimistic and look for the signs that pull us down. Which one will you choose? When I was a little girl, I would try to walk on a crosswalk only stepping on the white paint – and think if I was able to walk cross the street only walking on white, it was going to be a good day. Do you really think that stepping on white or me seeing a certain traffic sign in my previous post really have anything to do with reality? No, unless I let them. While crossing the street I would mentally prep myself for a great day and think how I was going to rock it. And while driving home and thinking about many things in my relationship with my husband, I came into conclusion, I do trust him, and I don’t have to go home and start this big discussion that I might not trust him. In fact, I went home feeling so unbelievably lucky to have a husband like him. And even if I had seen the big “yes” sign somewhere, it simply would have meant that “Yes, I want to discuss this with my husband” – nothing else. It would have made me react in a certain way. It still wouldn’t have meant anything more. All it did – it gave me the inner peace, “no, I don’t have to worry about it, I trust him”, because that’s what I wanted to say to myself on that day. (If I had been PMSing, or had actual doubts of my husband cheating, maybe I would have seen different “signs”). There is absolutely nothing bad about looking for signs to make you feel better about yourself, or to gain confidence. You are the author of your happily ever after and if you need to make sure you only step on the white or only wear white socks on Mondays or look for newspaper headlines for signs to answer your question, that’s fine. Do it. Because the answer isn’t in the “signs”, the answer is within you. Do whatever it takes you to make those right decisions to be happy, to be successful to be confident – or whatever it is you want. At the same time – if you catch yourself looking for negative signs that pull you down – STOP IT. The light turning red in traffic doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask for a raise today, it’s you telling yourself that. Reverse how you look for these negative clues and signs in your life and choose the other way around. Because you are the author of your happily ever after. Save

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