Book Swap Party: Upcycled Invitations

We hosted a Book Swap party in our home this summer for kids to promote reading and recycling! My kids read a lot, and we were running out of space in the bookshelves, and thought other kids might be having the same problem. Book swaps are not only for the kids though – why not host a book swap party and recycle all of your books among your friends and get new reading material for the rest of the summer? Since the theme of our party was books + recycling, we made the invitations from a recycled book. We used an old picture book, and literally ripped off the book page by page for the individual invitations. More detailed instructions for our book swap party invitations below.

Book Swap Party Invitations Made from a Recycled Book

Supplies: 1 picture book cardstock in contrasting color (we used black) print paper + printer to print the invitation text glue stick scissors (we also used “funky scissors”) 1. Design and print the invitation text on regular print paper. I made two invitations side by side on one paper. 2. Rip off the pages of the book page by page. We didn’t finish the pages, we liked the ripped off effect. 3. Cut the cardstock 3/4 inches or so larger than the print out invitation papers. We cut the invitation paper with “funky” scissors to give it an extra fun element. 4. Glue the invitation to cardstock and glue the cardstock to the book page. And you are done! Extra: we made one extra special invitation from the book. Cut the invitation paper the same size as the book page and glue it in the book as a page. This was probably the coolest invitation of them all – but I wouldn’t use this many books for invites, I’d save them for reading!

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