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Integrity is what you do when nobody is watching. I recently attended EVO Conference in Park City, Utah, and one of the speakers said that your brand is what people say about you when you leave the room. But whether you are a marketing executive of a large brand, a professional building your personal brand, or anyone, there is much more power in those words that are said about you when you are not there. That’s when people talk who you really are, and what they really think of you. The same way – you are put to a real test when nobody is watching, when there is nobody to impress. Are you doing the right thing only because you think others will see it, or do you have integrity and always do the right thing, no matter what? I have been speaking in conferences about personal branding, and using social media in your advantage. The funny thing is that many people in my industry try to make things sound very difficult, but it is pretty simple; always do the right thing, have high morals, be nice to people and have integrity. I think some people try to take short cuts in business and life, but it’s always those who take their time to do things right that last the longest. Giving up your integrity is just not worth it. Somebody is always watching even if you think they are not.
  1. Wow, I love this. It is so, so true! When it’s all said and done with, at the very end of the day, the most important thing we have (or don’t have) is integrity. You can lose all the material possessions in the world…. but if you have integrity you’re a wealthy (wo)man.

    And I totally agree… it is what’s said when you’re NOT around that matters most.

    Awesome post – great takeaway from the conference!

  2. Wow! That’s deep and well written girl! Your posts always impress me, but you’ve outdone yourself on this one. Thank you! It’s nice to see this topic written about. I’m one of those people that always try to do the right thing, b/c I have to answer to myself and the guilt will kill me. Although it’s nice to have the acknowledgement from others for our selfless acts, it’s just not necessary if you are truly doing it for all the right reasons. Great post lady! Keep them coming…they inspire me especially in my moments of weakness :)

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