Two of My Favorite Summer Beauty Products from My Travels

H2O Plus Sea Marine Revitalizing Shampoo, essie nail polish, beauty products from travels I have so many favorite beauty products… but these two are my favorites from my travels. These two both come with memories. Next time when you are traveling shop for everyday beauty products at the resort or destination shops, and when you bring them home and use them again, you will feel like you are transported back to your travel destination and the memories will keep you living the trip again and again. Also – if your favorite shampoo or body lotion is from a destination spa – running out of it will be a great reminder of book your next trip!

H20 Plus Sea Marine Shampoo from Disney Resorts

H2O Plus Sea Marine Revitalizing Shampoo ($20) is one of my (and my daughter’s) favorite shampoos. The sea-derived shampoo smells so good, it immediately brings a little piece of ocean to shower with me. And not just that, but it cleans your hair leaving it feeling crunchy clean, and you feel refreshed, especially if you have been sweating outdoors during hot summer days. Several Disney resorts and the Disney Cruise Line carry H20 beauty products and it can be found from the hotel rooms/cabins. Now the H20 products scent immediately links to happy memories, and what can I say – our family is now addicted to H20 Plus Sea Marine Revitalizing Shampoo and other H20 beauty products, thanks to visiting Disney so many times.

essie Nail Polish from the Breakers Resort

I visited the Breakers Resort in Palm Beach, Florida earlier this year, and got a manicure in their spa. You know how you have to buy nail polish in most spas, if you want to quick fix it later on (or some of my friends bring their own)? Not at Breakers. You will get to keep the nail polish they do your nails with. I of course wanted to try a new color, something that I didn’t have similar at home already, so I thought what could be more living life to the fullest than going bold. I chose sage green, the “sew psyched” by essie ($7.79) and it has been my favorite color all summer. I especially like a pedicure in this green. Some how green toenails make me feel very eco chic.

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