Like Mini Cooper? FIAT 500 Is a Cheaper Option

I have a lot of friends who wold love to own a Mini Cooper, and we came very close leasing one a few years ago too as a second car, but it does seem a bit pricey for a compact car. But the Fiat 500 is $4,600 less than the Mini Cooper is another option for a compact, fun, European car. The price for Fiat 500 is $15,500 – $19,500 depending on features. FIAT is taking its marketing efforts in the US to the new level and is hoping to sweep the nation. I know small cars are not really an American thing, but I personally love the small cars for the ease of parking, and for the fuel-economy. Plus they are just cute. Too bad I can’t fit a family of five with the dog and all of our travel gear in one.. otherwise a compact car would be what I’d be driving. Did you already happen to see Fiat’s new TV commercial “Drive In” that debuted yesterday? (If not, scroll down for the video). The FIAT brand’s new tagline, “Simply More,” defines the Fiat 500 as everything you need and nothing you don’t. Simple things in life are treasures and living life to the fullest is all about enjoying the simple things in life, and treasuring the every day life. Fiat is a perfect car to express your joy of life, and their mission to encourage people to find simple pleasures in life is just what we all need to hear every now and then. I love how one of the print ads for the Fiat 500 says “Bigger isn’t better. It’s just harder to park.“, and I certainly would love a smaller car when driving in New York City. The Fiat 500 combines sassy Italian styling, timeless functionality and innovative technology, and is is compact and fuel efficient making it a perfect four seat city car. The Fiat 500 also has more cargo room than the Mini Cooper. fiat 500 I haven’t test driven the car, but Automotive Journalist Holly Reich says the car is roomier than the “simply more” suggests: Actually, this little guy (or girl) has a lot more room than you would think. If you need some urban wheels that have spunk and flair– you can squeeze a family of four in there. BTW, my teens love the Fiat 500. They think it’s super cool. And the 500c is even more fun– it’s a convertible with a top that will fold back at speed and that automatically folds up when you want to get in to the cargo area. You can read Holly’s entire review and get more detailed information about the Fiat 500 from her article at AutoTrader. Now – I could see this as a third car in the family, to be shared among the teen(s) and the mom! My daughter is 11, and we are already thinking of different options when she starts driving. Since we have three kids who all will get their driver’s license within 3 years, there is no way we could buy each kid their own car – I’m already thinking of different car options that could work for me, and the kids, and most likely we will be sharing all of the cars once kids get to that age, instead of all having our own. Unless, we win the lottery of course.

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