Inspirational Quote: Be Like A Kid in An Amusement Park!

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Be like a kid in an amusement park. Enjoy the rides. Eat the funnel cake. Try everything at least once. Do the rides you love AGAIN and AGAIN. Beg for more. Live it to the fullest.

Be like a kid in an amusement park.

When is the last time that you have looked at new things in life like it was an exciting ride to take? Thinking it might be a bit scary, but fun and exciting for sure, and definitely worth standing in line what feels like forever just to take the ride. Start opening up to new possibilities in life by thinking them as an exciting ride in an amusement park – give it a try, step out of your comfort zone, let it go.

Enjoy the rides.

Do you think kids think of school or having to brush their teeth later on that day when they are enjoying the ride in the park? No! They take every minute of it in, and absorb every detail of the moment to go back to the moment and get the thrill and the joy later on too. It always amazes me how my kids can remember little details from our vacations; it’s because they truly live in the moment and enjoy every bit of it. Don’t tweet the moment, live the moment. Don’t multitask your life away, but make every day chores more enjoyable so you will love the routine.

Eat the funnel cake.

Don’t deprive yourself from things that have too many calories cost too much take too much time you secretly love but other people won’t approve.

Try everything at least once.

I wrote about this and being more adventurous in my guest post at Jen & Barb Mom Life. As moms we are constantly asking our kids to give it a try. “How do you know you don’t like broccoli because you have never tried it before?” “I know swimming without floaties seems scary, but I know you can do it.” Or as wives we ask our husbands to give it a try. “Honey, but you look great in red.” “Can’t I choose the movie just this once? You might like it.” It’s about time that YOU start giving new things a try! And I don’t mean you have to change your life in this moment, but try new foods, new clothing/hair style, a new hobby, anything that before you would have just straight out said “no” to.

Do the rides you love AGAIN and AGAIN.

Make enjoying life a habit, not once in a blue moon type of thing. Who says you can’t have fun everyday and who says that even work has to actually feel like work? Yes, it requires a lot of smart planning, but you can make your everyday life to feel like a day in a park, all the time, by choosing to do things you love.

Beg for more.

Be hungry. Be curious. Look for more. Look for new exciting things. Go after it, and don’t take no as an answer.

Live it to the fullest.

And join us in living the Skimbaco lifestyle! What does living life to the fullest mean to you?

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