Mom, Live Adventurously; like Jen and Barb

As I watched Jen and Barb in their newest video episode “Have You Lost Your Sense of Adventure?” I applauded to these amazing women full of energy and I just couldn’t stop smiling watching them on a race car track and living life to the fullest. Jen and Barb’s energy is contagious, and I started thinking some of my adventures this past year, like skiing a black diamond in Park City, Utah, for the first time in my life. Or taking a luxury 4WD on an off-road track in the mountains of Montana and living my dream of being a rally driver for a moment, just like Barb had always wanted to drive on a race track. I was just nodding my head in agreement as I was listening what Jen and Barb discussed with Heather Schuck, founder of Glamalife.com in the video. Yes, moms need to, and can have, adventures. Yes, it’s not about winning the race, it’s about showing up. Yes, it’s never too late to get out of your comfort zone. But then it hit me. I may nod in the agreement, but what about YOU? When is the last time you have lived adventurously and taken a risk? How did the video make you feel? I hope it made you think of you backpacking through a rainforest with your girlfriends, or better yet, with your kids. If there is a slight chance that you thought “I could never do anything like that” or (gasp!) “those women are nuts, moms don’t do things like that”, I have some advice for you my friend. Real advice how you can start living adventurously and re-discovering the woman who you are beyond being a mom. And how you can start it today. Read my entire guest post at Jen and Barb Mom Life and get tips how you can take baby steps to start living out of your comfort zone, be an example for your kids as someone who has guts to do new things – kids do new things everyday – and more importantly, make living adventurously a habit, so when once in a lifetime opportunities to do something over the top adventurous you are ready to take it.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored, but all of my opinions are my own as always.

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