Inspirational Quote of the Week: Don’t Drive Yourself Crazy

Don’t drive yourself crazy. Drive yourself to a coffee shop for another latte.

Do you have days that you feel like you are facing a problem that you just get over with? Or you are so excited that something great is happening soon and you feel like a kid on Halloween morning? Are you waiting on hearing some news, good or bad? Good or bad, we sometimes drive ourselves crazy by obsessing on things. Sometimes we are scared of something we know we need to go through, and sometimes we are so excited we can’t think of anything else. The worse is when we are waiting to even know (for example waiting to know bad news like if you need a surgery, or waiting to know good news like if you got the job) and drive ourselves crazy going through options in our heads. While I believe that planning a happy life is half of having a happy life, and you should always have plan B for everything, even if the plan B is “if Plan A will not happen, I have strength to figure out a Plan B when that time comes”, it is useless to drive yourself crazy with your thoughts and getting all worked up on things that you can not do anything about anymore. And if there is a case you CAN do something to make a difference, go do it, and stop just thinking about it. The point of not driving yourself crazy and rather driving yourself to “a coffee shop” is that instead of being passive and just thinking and obsessing, take action to do something. Even if it is something simple just to take your mind away and force yourself to think about something else. I have many creative people as my friends, and many other bloggers and writers and every single writer sometimes gets a writer’s block and don’t know what to write about. Usually this is one of those moments that “drive you crazy”! The best trick: walk away from the laptop, do something totally different, and once you stop thinking about how you can’t think of anything to write about and you actually do something – you will think of something to write about! This same applies to anything in life. And while the “drive yourself to a coffee shop” was more of a metaphor… there is nothing wrong actually taking a break and doing just that. If you do, raise your latte for yourself and enjoy it!

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