My Favorite Accessory: Scarf & Top 5 Scarf Tips

Eva Longoria scarves, scarf trend I’m so glad it’s fall and I can wear my favorite accessory everyday. That’s scarf, of course. How else could you make the same outfit look new each day? Scarves are also so multi-use and a good scarf you can use with many outfits, like Eva Longoria shows above. Here is a small collection of my scarves and as you can see – they come in all colors and prints. For example I don’t see myself as the animal print girl at all – but I love the zebra print scarf, it draws attention and I can easily make a simple black and white outfit to look entirely different by wearing the animal print scarf one day, and then a bright colored one the next day.

Top 5 Scarf Tips

1. Buy scarves in different prints and colors, they are the easiest and often the cheapest way to make an outfit trendy. If the print of the season isn’t something you want to wear for a long time – be trendy and get it in an expensive scarf. 2. Think multi-use, and also multi-outfit. Can the same scarf go with a t-shirt and jeans and the next day accompany a little black dress? Can the thin silk scarf work as a shawl with your dress and then wrapped with your business suit? Learn to tie your scarf in different ways to get more looks out of it. 3. Invest in good quality. If you want the most out of your scarves and to be able to use them again and again, buy good quality. Polyester and acrylic ones might be cheaper to buy now, but in the long run you’re better of by choosing a better quality one that will last for years. Choose scarves that are made of silk, wool, cashmere or other natural materials. Unless you are doing #1. and choosing the least expensive way to be trendy and buying a trendy scarf that you know you will not wear for more than a season or two. But when you buy evergreen prints, solid colors or classic prints – always choose quality. 4. Another trick: buy designer scarves to make your entire outfit look more expensive than it is. When you have an expensive designer scarf that makes your outfit to stand out, nobody will ever guess that you paid double for the scarf tan what you paid for your dress. Scarf will instantly make your outfit also look more put together. I know it hurts your wallet (and is against your principle) to pay more for a scarf than for clothing, but trust me on this one. 5. Scarves are a must have travel accessory, especially for flights. Read more about scarves as a must have celebrity travel accessory and read the list of top scarves what to buy right now at Skimbaco Travel. (pictured below) trendy travel accessory, scarves, travel accessory scarves, best scarves, scarf shopping guide

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