Why are o.b. Tampons Sorry? Well, They Are, and You’ll get a Coupon.

O.b. tampons are sorry and launched a pretty cool campaign asking for forgiveness and are even giving you a coupon for free tampons. First when the “o.b. tampons are sorry” came to my attention, I didn’t understand why they were sorry. Not like this mighty little product had done anything wrong, quite the contrary. It always enters our lives when we most need it and in the darkest hours of our month. If anyone here has to say I’m sorry, it’s me. O.b., I’m sorry that you only know me when I am in my abso-frigging-lutely worst. The o.b. tampons announcement is: In case you questioned it, we’re really, really, really sorry that you were not able to find our products earlier this year. You’ve also shown us how much you love o.b.® Ultra and we’re sorry we discontinued it – we stand corrected! We’re working hard to bring o.b.® Ultra back to store shelves by the second half of 2012 and we’ll keep you updated on our progress. In the meantime, we’d like to apologize with this video message and extend a special coupon offer. Again, we’re really, really, really sorry! Oh yes, once I read the text – I got it. Yes, I had noticed that it has been difficult to find you in the stores. The past week I even had to go to another store just to find you and even muttered to myself “it’s about the time to move out of the country alright ’cause can’t even find my favorite tampons from the stores anymore”. But alas, o.b. has been having some issues, and not just my local stores. I forgive you o.b. but only because it’s not that time of the month for me, and you have been there for me for years. And if I will take this printed coupon to my Hannaford the next month and they don’t have o.b. on the shelves, no, I will not blame you because you said you’re sorry and created me a special song with a cute guy and every cliché you could think of. No, I will just yell at my husband and the store manager at Hannaford, but o.b., I’ll always be your fan girl. O.b., I’ll always be your fan girl, because you know that what women really want. And no, I don’t mean the rose petals, my name across the sky, a song written for me, a cute guy singing my praises in a tree, nor the double rainbow. Not even the hand written note nor a beach walk. But you know that what women really want is someone to always be there for us on the worst days of the month, and every now and then saying triple I’m sorry and that they are super wrong and we are right. Go and get your o.b. tampon bliss and get your own special song written for you here.

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