10 Tips How to Keep Your Jeans from Fading


How to Keep Your Jeans Looking Like New

I always recommend buying better quality and less and investing in clothing you absolutely love and you will wear again and again. Same applies to jeans. I know you can get cheap jeans, but you know how you will feel in the right pair of fantastic designer jeans – so worth the money!! To protect your denim investment, here are some tips how to take care of your jeans, and keep them looking like new for longer. This way the expensive jeans truly are worth every penny and you can enjoy them again and again. Read first the clothing care tips for fashionistas, most of the tips are great for taking care of jeans as well. I especially recommend a high efficiency front load washer, because it will keep your clothes looking better for longer.

10 Tips How to Care for Your Jeans

1. If you have dark jeans and you want to keep the color wash the jeans in vinegar before the first wash. Add 1 cup of regular household vinegar in your washer and no washing detergent and wash in cold water. They will not smell like vinegar, but the vinegar will “seal” the blue color and it will not bleed as easily the next washes to come. 2. If adding vinegar to your brand new jeans sounds crazy to you, try soaking your jeans in a bucket with water and one cup of salt for the same color sealing effect. 3. Washing and especially hot water will fade your jeans, so try to wash them less often. You can easily get over 5 uses out of them, especially if you air them out often in fresh air. If you want to go extreme: freezing your jeans will also refreshen them. 4. Always wash your jeans inside out and with other dark colors. 5. Always wash your jeans in cold water. It will prevent them from fading and from shrinking but especially if you use special cold water detergent and a high efficiency washer they still get clean. I recommend using all natural laundry soap, I personally use Young Living’s Thieves Laundry Soap. thieves laundry soap 6. If you can and have time.. wash your jeans in a hot tub by hand. Soak them 15 minutes in cold water and mild detergent and then rinse another 10 minutes in fresh cold water and hang to dry. 7. Use color-protection washing detergent to keep the colors from fading. 8. Don’t dry your jeans in a dryer. If you must, use the lowest temperature. High temperature is bad for the fabric, and while jeans are durable and can take it, it will shorten the life of your jeans. Try to avoid hot water and hot drying if possible. 9. While heat if bad for your jeans, to freshen up your jeans and to keep them looking fresh for longer, iron them with starch. Starch will make the jeans look crispier and you can get a few more times of use out of your jeans before you have to wash them. 10. You can get your jeans also dry cleaned and starched to get the same crispy effect – they will look fantastic and stay looking good for several additional uses, but the chemicals in the dry cleaning are bad for the fabric, so it is not recommended to dry clean your jeans regularly. But this trick is great especially when you travel, and only want to bring one pair of jeans.

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