Uncertain Times, Sweden Is Still Waiting Us

Did you notice..? I took a little unannounced blogging break. I think you took a little break too and spent some time with family. Truth to be told, this entire beginning of the winter has been sort of crazy, ever since we found out we are moving to Sweden, and I have been trying to do even more things at the same time as usual. I have been been busy getting rid of everything we own, packing and rethinking my work life as I know it. Some of it has been easy, some of it not so much. The worst part is probably the things that are still open – we don’t have a moving date yet, and it makes it very difficult to plan and do things. One good thing is already certain – I can keep working virtually in the US while living in Sweden. Go figure, USA is one of the only countries in the world that will tax its citizens even if they live outside the country, and they can keep working even if they don’t reside in the country anymore. This information was a huge relief for me – my work will not be as affected as I thought it would be, and I am ready for all virtual opportunities 2012 may bring. (Picture taken in Stockholm when I visited there last time in 2010). Sweden, we are ready for you, I hope Sweden will be ready for us soon too. All of our children will have Finnish citizenship, so it hopefully will make our life in Europe easier. It has taken numerous hours of work and many hundred dollar bills to make all of the paperwork happen, and we are still waiting for one renewed passport to arrive and one more citizenship to be confirmed and we are all set. You never remember how much paperwork is needed when you move out of the country, and what all things should be considered. Also, it doesn’t make it easier that we are now dealing with both American and Finnish officials – and we have barely started our paperwork with the Swedish yet – that will come after we move in the country. So pardon me – the Skimbaco journey has been and probably will continue to be on and off as our family of five is trying to make this move from New York to Stockholm. But this is what Skimbaco Lifestyle is all about – living in the moment, and exploring world, one place at the time.

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