Colors of Burano, Italy

During our stay in Venice, I wanted to visit some of the islands in the Northern Venetian Lagoon. One of the most known islands is Murano, where they still make the famous Murano glass, and it’s only a short 10 minute boat drive from Venice. I, however, wanted to visit a perhaps lesser known island, called Burano. Burano is 45 minute boat drive from Venice, and the boat drive itself is an experience, it’s great to see Venice from the sea. Burano is known for lace, and for its gorgeous colors. Around 3000 people live on the island, in the houses that are painted in all colors of the rainbow, and then some. There are still some artisans who make the famous Burano lace, but the gift shops were filled with cheap copies made in China giving a little bad taste for the entire experience. Tourism is now the main industry on the island, and unfortunately it at the same time has ruined some of the beauty of the island. I would still highly recommend visiting Burano, you can still wander the streets and take photos and imagine how it once was this beautiful colorful fishing town, where women stayed home making lace, while the fishermen went out to the sea to fish – and were able to recognize their own house even from afar since every house was painted in vibrant different color. burano italy colors burano italy photos burano italy photos burano italy photos burano italy photos burano italy photos

Taking a Boat to Burano is Easy

The boat from Venice to Burano takes close to 45 minutes and the Actv boats (Ventian public transportation) leave every 30 minutes making it easy for you to go on your own pace. It was very easy to find the correct Actv boat at the Fondamente Nove. The boat number is 12, but it also has a big sign that says Burano, you can’t miss it. It’s easier if you buy the return ticket at the same time. You can buy the ticket on the boat too, but you have to buy it immediately once the boat leaves, if you wait until they ask for tickets you will get a fine of 53 euros for being on board without the ticket.

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