Be a Race Car Driver for a Day, in Las Vegas

March 5, 2012 Katja Presnal

Be a Race Car Driver for a Day, in Las Vegas

Las Vegas isn’t just for partying and gambling, but it is for playing. Las Vegas is all about having fun and about luxury experiences, whether it’s enjoying food, playing golf, shopping, pampering yourself at a spa.. or getting the ultimate thrill, like being a race car driver for a day. Dream Racing racing experience just opened at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway where you can take a red hot track-ready Ferrari F430GT for a spin or two just like professional race car drivers. If you don’t want to drive yourself (why wouldn’t you?), there is also an option to sit next to a professional driver. The 1.1 mile track features low, medium and high speed corners and a straight and you can drive the Ferrari to maximum speed of approximately 120 miles per hour on the track. Now, this if something sounds like an opportunity of a lifetime, and comes with an affordable price ticket. The three hour Dream Racing experience begins with a shuttle to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway from the exclusive pick-up location inside Crystals at CityCenter. Once at the track, you’ll be greeted by hostesses who will guide you through each step to the finish line. You will have a 15 minute classroom instruction in the dedicated theater room to get some hands on tips how to handle the race car on the track and you’ll get a chance to drive the Las Vegas track first on the unique 3D professional simulators. Your drive experience gets complete authentic feel immediately after you’ll get your racing suit and helmet and see the cars on the raceway. Once you climb into the cockpit of a Ferrari and fasten the safety belts, joined by a professional racing instructor on a passenger seat, ready to provide guidance as needed. The pit crew preps for the start and you are on their way in a race car able to go from 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds. race car experience, adventure travel The Dream Racing experience was created by former race car drivers Enrico Bertaggia and Adriano De Micheli. “We have traveled around the world throughout our racing careers,” said Bertaggia. “When we conceived the Dream Racing concept we knew that Las Vegas, with all of its energy and excitement, would provide the ideal location for such an exhilarating luxury adventure.” “Taking control of a racing car specifically built for the track is an unmatched experience that delivers indescribable emotions to drivers and passengers,” said De Micheli. “There is simply no comparison to a street car, much like there is no comparison between a jumbo airliner and jet fighter plane.” race car experience, adventure travel The Dream Racing experience accessible to anyone with a driver’s license and the Ferrari F430 GT is more responsive, easier to handle and safer than most road cars. Dream Racing brings participants as close as possible to the thrill that only professional race car drivers have of taking these incredible machines to their limit. The Dream Racing experience includes five high speed laps around the track, instruction from professional drivers, use of racing suit and helmet and transportation between Crystals at CityCenter and Dream Racing for an all inclusive fee of $499. Five additional laps may be purchased for a supplementary $399 fee, and those that want the thrill of the race as a passenger can ride with a professional for two laps for $179. More information visit Dream Racing. race car experience, adventure travel , , ,

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  1. Thank you for bringing attention to something other than gambling and hotels in Las Vegas. I lived in Vegas for about ten months and never once gambled; there are so many other things to do, many of them very inexpensive or even free. While renting a race car is certainly not inexpensive, I think this is a much better way to spend your money than handing it to the casinos, especially if you’re a car enthusiast.

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