Live a Little: Tips how to Turn Life’s Lemons into Lemonade

when life gives you lemons, make lemonade quote

Life gives you lemons, so what?

It’s time for Live a Little Monday! Simple ideas how to live life to the fullest. I posted a quick Facebook note last week “The past 4 days: Monaco, France, Italy, Sweden. We cut our vacation short & came back to Sweden for hubby’s work” and there was guessing if it’s all good, and when I said “loving every minute of it,” it raised a question “really, every minute?” Life doesn’t have to be EASY or even FUN to love every minute of it, and I am not worried about anything else in life as much as having a boring life. I think we should all carpe the shit out of diem, including all the bad parts of life. The good parts of life will be so much better after the bad ones. When life throws me lemons, here are some of my tricks to turn them into lemonade. Please add yours in the comments – or blog about them and join the Live a Little blog hop!

4 Tricks How to Turn Lemons into Lemonade

I know we all have our different ways to cope, different mantras we say to make things alright, and we most certainly have different things that make us unhappy or happy. But here are some of my ways for seizing the shitty moments in life and in a way turning the lemon into lemonade. This is what I say to myself… 1. “This makes a great story.” No, really, it may sound so stupid to you, but when shit happens, I think myself as a novel heroine or a main character in a movie, and think how this makes such a great story, and how amazing it will be that I have experienced something this bad, and SURVIVED. This bad thing – just part of an amazing storyline, which would be so boring without it. I’m PROUD of the bad things that I’ve gone through, they have made me a stronger person. 2. “My life sucks. I have to do something to change it.” I know – it’s probably not the most encouraging thing to say to yourself, but let’s be realistic here, imagining your life is The Great Big Novel or Blockbuster Hollywood Movie probably isn’t the most realistic thing out there, so bring some real dose of reality and face your problems as they are – and more importantly: make a plan how to solve the problems and MOVE ON. Sometimes bad things in life are a blessing in disguise and please see them as such. They revoke change and give you the last kick in the butt to make the change you in your heart might have already been thinking for a while. There is big truth that things often have to get much worse to get much better. 3. “I can do anything.” Yes, you can. Just take one step at the time, and don’t make your goals bigger than that one step. Remember, YOU don’t suck, your life sometimes might, but YOU are awesome, you are amazing, living that amazing storyline, and YOU can do anything. You can also take action and move on. 4. “Just smile.” When I’m very tired, mad or need uplifting, I smile. I don’t know if there is scientific research done or anything but I guarantee every time I feel crappy and I smile, some of these happens: – I feel like an idiot “why the heck I’m smiling in this crappy situation” and hah, that makes me smile for reals. Laughing at and with yourself is a beautiful thing when you don’t anything else to laugh about. – I smile and remember something that happened and made me smile, for example I see my daughter’s face and her saying something funny. That instantly makes me feel better. – I calms me down and I start to think how I want to smile more for reals, and it takes me back to making a plan how to turn the moment better realistically. – It changes the attitude among the people around me and they treat me differently when I smile, instead when I’m grumpy.

More Ideas How to Live a Little

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