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Live a little: Run for Fun

Today I’m encouraging you to run for fun. Run because you are so excited, run because you want the quick adrenalin rush of getting your pulse up. I salute you if you actually run-run. Meaning that you run for distance, for a workout and for 5Ks and marathons. But today I am not talking about that kind of running. I’m talking about the type of running kids do. When I was a little girl and my grandmother lived next door, I never walked to her house. I always ran. I didn’t even realize it until I was already an adult and visiting my parents and when I stepped outside their house to walk to the grandmother’s house (my aunt built a new house and lives there now), I automatically started running out of an old habit. This last time though I noticed the urge to run was gone, and I shrugged and thought to myself “I’m too old to run.” But that thought for some reason stayed with me, and I started thinking, really, am I really too old to run out of joy? I also realized that I say more often to my kids “don’t run, walk” than “run, kids, run!” Being protective is good, but I realized I have to say kids more “run” so they will never lose that free running spirit. And I started saying more “run.” When we were in Italy, kids were running after the pigeons at the Piazza San Marco, and had the time of their lives. When we got our new home and yard, I encourage kids to run back and worth the backyard. Every day when we walk back from school my son wants to run to the house the last 300 yards of our street to be the first one at the house and to open the door for everyone. Sometimes girls join him and run too, but the first two weeks I walked behind. Last week when my son asked “mommy, can I run home now,” I surprised him (and myself) by saying “I’ll race you” and started running. We barely could run because we were laughing so much. And I felt younger than I had for while. So yeah, I’m now the crazy new neighbor running in her trench coat, racing kids down the street.

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