Hello Sunshine! And share your opinion!

Yesterday we drove to beautiful Swedish countryside and visited friends in Motala. I looked at the city streets as we left Linköping, and then the countryside as we drove to Motala, and thought to myself.. something looks different. Oh yes, it’s summer. The trees are starting to bud, the fields are green, the flowers are blooming. There was a possibility for snow in the Northern Sweden this weekend, but where we are it’s just beautiful. I also realized – I hadn’t left the house for almost two weeks – unless going to store to get groceries and supplies for gardening and painting the terrace counts. I have been so intensively working on Skimbaco Lifestyle, that I had forgotten to live outside of it. I realized two things: – I truly love what I do, and I’ve been perfectly happy nesting in my new real home, and newly refreshed virtual home. I am so excited to take Skimbaco to new direction, and I hope you stick with me. – I have to get out of the house more, and enjoy this amazing opportunity to live in Sweden. Related to both of them – what kind of things you would like to see through my eyes in Sweden/Europe? I know one reader mentioned earlier that she’d love me to share my flea market finds and shopping excursions beyond the things you can also find in the US. Skimbaco readers also recommend us visiting Italy, and we visited there in March. Hoping to hear more from YOU! Comment below!

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