You Recommended Going to Italy – Let’s Go Then!

March 8, 2012 Katja Presnal

You Recommended Going to Italy – Let’s Go Then!

Two months ago I posted a question at the Skimbaco Facebook page If you could have one week vacation in any city/country in Europe, where would you go? You said ITALY and as a second runner up Edinburgh, Scotland. “Italy is one of my favorite places. It is also not a bad drive from other countries depending on where in the country you stay. I like Venice and Florence the best. But the first place I ever went was Pisa when I had just turned 18. We were among the last group to get go into the Leaning Tower.” Stacie of The Divine Miss Mommy “I LOVED Rome but was unexpectedly charmed by Pisa. I was there for a night and stayed at a quaint hotel, dinner at a restaurant where no one spoke English, and caught the local market in the morning.” Fadra of All Things Fadra “I would LOVE to go to Milan, Italy. To see the original mural of The Last Supper….how amazing would that be!! There’s a lot there that would affirm my new-found faith.” Lori of My Wooden Spoon

Let’s Go to Italy then!

We were (I was) planning on a trip to Southern France this spring, but since so many people recommended Italy (and my husband likes Italy better than France), we changed our plans and just bought flight tickets to Milan and booked a hotel in Venice, another one in Lucca.. and are trying to get the rest of our last minute trip planned. I will still take my girls to Monte Carlo, but looks like the majority of the trip we will stay in Italy. I’m saying “looks like” because even though we are leaving next week, we still don’t have all of our hotel reservations, but in the famous Presnal family way, we are just going to swing it and adventure it. Sometimes you end up staying in crappy places, sometimes you end up staying in too expensive hotels because everything else is booked. But always you will end up finding places that you would have never gone unless you were adventuring.

Where Would You Go?

Now for our next trip… Edinburgh, Scotland sounds great, but my 11 year old made a promise to see her best friend in Paris, so after all I think we will get our trip to France this year. But where would you like to go..? Go and like Skimbaco Facebook page and please answer the poll question If you could have one week vacation in any city/country in Europe, where would you go? And if you have any travel trips for Italy, please share!! , ,

Katja Presnal

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  1. I have to say my tastes pretty much equal your poll results. :) Of all the places I’ve been to in Europe, I crave going back to Rome the most. Just so much to see, and once you go there you never really leave… that’s my experience anyway. Venice is a close second, as far as Italy is concerned – always a transporting experience. Milan is a more modern choice, but a lot to see there too.

    As for Edinburgh, I once spent two weeks there at the time of the festivals in August, and every year I dream of going back. Something about that town, the nature and the people… no wonder Harry Potter was born there. ;)

  2. How wonderful to take such a trip! I’ll miss you by a week. But I look forward to your tweets, pics, and hearing about your experience. Have a grand time!

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