Park City Mountain Resort In Trouble #WeLovePCski

Park City Mountain Resort Is in Risk of Closure

I received an email from Krista Parry, the Director of Marketing & Communications of Park City Mountain Resort about Park City Mountain Resort filing a law suit against the owners of the land the resort is on. The news made my skin crawl and feel sick. I have been working together with Park City Mountain Resort for several years, and Krista is a dear friend of mine, and her team and the rest of the PCMR employees I’ve gotten to know over the years are amazing people. The resort is owned and operated locally and employes over 1,200 people.

The Law Suit

Park City Mountain Resort sued Talisker Land Holdings, LLC today to prevent them from interfering with the continued operation of the Resort and from attempting to shut the Resort down. The suit seeks to resolve a dispute that threatens the future of one of the top ski resorts in North America. “After extensive and, sadly, unsuccessful negotiations, we reluctantly took the initiative to file this lawsuit,” said Jenni Smith, president and general manager of Park City Mountain Resort. “We need to protect the future of the company and our more than 1,200 employees, who bear a tremendous burden of uncertainty in this matter, and the many local businesses and homeowners in the Greater Park City area. We are seeking relief through the court, the only option left at our disposal.” At issue is the continuing right to use land occupied by some of Park City Mountain Resort’s chairlifts and runs. On December 27, 2011 Talisker Land Holdings, LLC advised Park City Mountain Resort that it deemed that the Resort’s right to use the land expired, and that Park City Mountain Resort would need to vacate the premises unless the Resort entered in to a new agreement for the use of the land. In the Summer of 2011, Park City Mountain Resort paid its annual fee for the use of the land, which was accepted by Talisker, and invested $7 million in infrastructure upgrades throughout the Resort. You can find more information, including the complete complaint, FAQs, and other materials, please visit www.SupportPCMR.com. park city ski resort snowmamas memories

We Love PCMR – Join Us in Supporting Them

Park City Mountain Resort has been one of my favorite companies to work with and our entire family loves the resort and we have found many friends via the Snowmamas program. Our family has spent Christmas and Easter vacations on the mountain, kids have learned new skills on the slopes, and we’ve made memories of a lifetime. When Krista and the PCMR marketing team were promoting the Snowmamas program in NYC, kids and I were on the Today Show Plaze at 7AM to show our support with signs kids drew the night before. Bottom line – we love Park City Mountain Resort and they have our full support. Please join us in showing our support to Park City Mountain Resort. Please connect with PCMR on Facebook and follow @PCski on Twitter. Better yet – tweet to them using hashtag #WeLovePCski and show you care about the resort and their destiny. Hoping for the best.

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