In Search of the Perfect Modern White Dining Table

modern white dining table I’ve been searching for a modern white dining table that can seat at least 10, and it hasn’t been as easy as I thought of. Maybe because Scandinavian homes are small, and most Swedish tables I’ve found are small. I’ve noticed that Swedish like their dining tables small even in the larger homes – and often the dining table seems to float in the middle of the large room. While I like the feeling of space – I like more big family dinners and gathering around the table with friends and hosting big parties and having family over. So more than anything – I want a large dining table! Here are my inspiration photos for my dining room.
modern white dining table with wooden chairs photo The large white dining table and the contrasting wood chairs are gorgeous. I don’t care for the hanging lamp, but otherwise this room is perfect. modern white dining table with Eames chairs photo Another great space, just a smaller scale. I love the Eames chairs matched with the table. And same on the photo below. modern white dining table with Eames chairs photo modern white dining table with different color Easmes chairs photo Here the Eames chairs are in all colors, and I also love the hanging lamp. Now doesn’t this room look elegant but just screams for a good dinner party? That’s what I want. modern white dining table with clear chairs, swedish home design photo This is another great look with the clear chairs. I love the contrast the cold chrome legs and lacquered white table and plastic chairs create with the natural wood floors, old crown moldings and a few more feminine and natural accents.

White Dining Tables

But it all starts with a table. I want a rectangular table, but I’m not set on what kind of legs it should have. Ideally steel legs, but I’m ok with wooden as well – either birch colored or white. Since we will be entertaining a lot, the size of the table is almost more important than the exact look – it should sit comfortably at least 10, so we will go for one of the expandable tables. modern white dining tables, shopping, swedish dining tables Shadow dining table designed by Vincent Van Duysen for De Padova Cooper table from Mio Calligaris Counter from Bolia I know… most of these tables are only available in Europe or Sweden, but no worries… Here are some similar type of tables in the US. Keep reading. modern white dining table, scandinavian design in the US Anders table from Burke Decor Gamma table designed Jasper Morrison for Cappellini Silverado rectangular dining table from CB2 isn’t white, but goes for the style. If you are obsessed with a certain chair style, you can of course start building your dining room with chairs. But my search began with the dining tables, especially after I realized how difficult it was to find a large white table that I liked.

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