Interview with Annie Shultz of Mama Dweeb

Annie Shultz is a young Kansas mom who shares her love of life and her family in her blog Mama Dweeb. Annie lives life to the fullest on 20 acres, but she isn’t your typical farm girl – she is also an owner of a social media consulting business and she inspires all of us to go for our dreams. Read our interview with Annie Shultz.

Interview with Annie Shultz of Mama Dweeb

Katja: How did a Christian radio DJ turn into a one woman show of Mamadweeb blog and Dweeb Media social media consultancy? What’s your story? Annie: I always follow my heart. As a little girl I new I wanted to be a writer and I always loved music. As soon as I graduated high school I got a job in radio and loved it! I kept this job through the birth of all three of my children and still work there part time today. I guess I am part entertainer? I just love having an audience. Then, when my son was born, I discovered mom blogging. After I graduated with my journalism degree in 2007, I knew I wanted to write creatively, not bound by same beat every day like a newspaper reporter. Blogging became my passion! I had an audience and I had my creative writing outlet. Two dreams meshed into one media channel. As I continued to blog, I researched ways to expand my audience and reach. (I told you I love an audience!) After I mastered Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus I realized I could earn more income by offering my social media knowledge to companies via consulting. Voila! Dweeb Media, LLC was born! Katja: You are a proud Kansas girl – tell us what’s the best in your neighborhood? Annie: I live on 20 acres of wooded land and I love it! My kids and I walk the 1/5 mile to check the mail and always have so much fun and learn so much. I relish the quiet life that Kansans have. We value time with family over any other activity. Since we live in a small town/rural area, we spend a lot of time just being with family. My kids play outside with their cousins, feeding the goats and chickens or jumping on the trampoline and eating cookouts at Mema and Grandad’s house. Katja: You are a busy mom of three – do you ever steal time just for you? What are your best tips for “me time”? Annie: I actually just got a part time job as an office assistant at a real estate office! This time is my favorite “me time.” The radio on, the office empty and me just filing papers is so relaxing. Then, if the day happened to be chaotic I will drive through our local coffee shop and sip a latte in the quiet car before heading to the sitter’s. Another way I steal time just for me is I get up at 5:30am and go to the gym. Working out just sets my focus for the entire day in a positive way. Katja: Is there something new of exciting going for you or your blog/business in 2012? Annie: I am so excited about Dweeb Media expanding and accepting bloggers! Bloggers that sign up for my newsletter will be the first to hear about sponsored post and/or review item opportunities. I look forward to helping brands expand their reach to larger audiences and I am really excited about providing new opportunities for bloggers. Katja: What does skimbaco lifestyle mean to you? How do you live life to the fullest in your everyday life? Annie: Skimbaco lifestyle means relishing the beauty in life. My favorite book is One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are by Anne Voskamp. It strengthens and encourages my faith because she takes me through her journey as she writes down every single teeny blessing in her life. That is how I live life to the fullest. I discover new blessings in the minute details. I don’t just notice them, I feel them and let their blessings wash over my heart.

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