Bizcation as a Lifestyle & Rent a Car for Free

Staycation & Bizcation as a Lifestyle

Avis is our family’s preferred rental car company, and we are “super users” if you could say so. In fact, we’ve been driving an Avis rental car almost daily since last Christmas. We are what you could call permanent staycationers and bizcationers. We move often (every 2 months to 3 years), and we move to different states and different countries, and often taking two cars with us isn’t an option (don’t ask how many cars we have owned and sold the past 15 years..). Moving this often is like being on constant staycation – there isn’t such thing as “this old town”. One the top of the moving often, both my husband and I have been traveling a lot for business, and we are fond of bizcations – combining a business trip with a vacation, and often take the entire family on either one’s business trip. Traveling around is our lifestyle. Renting (and leasing) cars makes is easier. We moved to Sweden earlier this year and while we just recently bought one car, we have been renting a car from Avis since the beginning the year – and will be renting a car (every day) probably until we move out of Sweden. With these international contracts you never can be sure how long they last, and it’s difficult enough to handle international moves, but with car sales and everything involved with that, having one less problem and having a rental car that you can literally drop off at the airport when moving out of the country is an awesome option. Rental cars can be a viable option for lease cars, which you have to have minimum of 24 or 36 months. Of course rental cars have higher monthly rental fees, but sometimes they can be an only option as well – like for us. I can’t go into details of our monthly rental car prices or negotiations, but let’s just say that Avis in Sweden has been amazing. AMAZING! They offered us monthly pricing we couldn’t resist, and their cars and service has been top notch. We just recently learned that Avis typically has cars in use only for one year – and we “had to” swap our 2012 Mercedes-Benz to a 2013 one just last week. I love knowing that wherever you go, you will always be able to get a new car, and I’m always excited to test new cars!

Our Avis Rentals the Past 8 Months

Yes, it’s true – we went from a Volvo family to an Avis family… Our Avis rentals the past 7 months: – Renting a Dodge SUV for our road trip in Texas in December – Husband renting a daily commute, a Mercedez-Benz station wagon in Sweden in January – Oops! The Mercedes-Benz didn’t have enough trunk space for all of our luggage when kids and I arrived from the USA a month later, so he swapped the MB for a larger Peugeot (not pictured) – Two week trip to Italy! Cruising in a Ford SUV in Tuscany – Back in Sweden, and yay, getting another Mercedes-Benz station wagon – July: time for an upgrade and getting a 2013 Mercedes-Benz SUV 4wheel this time, already prepping for winter ski vacations

Try a Bizcation & Free One Day Car Rental

Live Skimbaco lifestyle and enjoy life to the fullest and make your next business trip a Bizcation by adding a vacation day to your business trip. Avis is all about Bizcation (they even trademarked the word), and they are offering one free weekend day with a three-day (or more) Avis rental making it even cheaper for you continue your trip and turn it into a mini-vacation. Even better if you can bring family or friend(s) with you! This offer is valid on any car in Avis’Economy through Premium car groups. A Saturday night keep is required. For more details and full Terms and Conditions, please visit Avis.com. Have you ever done a bizcation before and combined business with pleasure? Disclosure: Just in case you were wondering.. I am not in any way affiliated with Avis, nor they paid for this post nor asked me to post this, all of my opinions are my own. I’d be glad to work with Avis in the future though- I am a huge fan of the company.

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