Farmhouse, Southern Hospitality Can be Found at the Mast Farm Inn

July 25, 2012 Leigh Powell Hines

Farmhouse, Southern Hospitality Can be Found at the Mast Farm Inn

I already knew what Martha Stewart is now telling everyone. The Mast Farm Inn, located in the picturesque community of Valle Crucis in the North Carolina Appalachian Mountains, is not only the talk of the town, but is now the talk of the nation. The quaint, historic inn got placed on Martha’s “Best List” for Travel for Martha Stewart Living’s 2012 Summer Travel Edition, which is on newsstands this August. She writes, “It’s slow food, Southern style: Around since the 1800s, this farmhouse B&B serves classic Southern dishes made from local ingredients, including the ultimate shrimp and grits and hummingbird cake in a cozy farmhouse dining room.” And all of that is so true. My family vacationed at the inn in May and stayed in one of the inn’s family cabins called Mam’s Refuge. Our cabin was a wonderful base for exploring North Carolina’s High County and the scenic town of Blowing Rock. If you’ve never been to this area, then you need to put it on your list right now. Blowing Rock, a shopper’s and epicurean’s delight, is probably one of my favorite towns in my state. OK. You caught me. I do have a lot of favorite places in my state, but this town was named the prettiest small town in North Carolina. When we were in the High Country area, we were busy by day and then stepped into the luxurious, tranquil bliss of the Mast Farm Inn at nightfall. I’ve got the whole story on our stay as a “Pack Your Bags” feature on the Hines-Sight Blog. The one thing that will be my fondest memory of my time there is drinking the most delicious coffee on the cabin’s front porch while enjoying the crisp, cool mountain air. There is nothing like the mountains in the summer in North Carolina! Oh, and let’s not forget the breakfast. And we all know Martha knows a thing or two about food. For more information on this Southern gem, visit The Mast Farm Inn. And tell them that Leigh sent you, not just Martha. , , , ,

Leigh Powell Hines

Leigh Powell Hines, a former TV Journalist/Communications Executive, combined motherhood and her journalism experience and started The Hines-Sight Blog to inspire parents to pack their bags for family travels in and around North Carolina, where she resides. Leigh knows the best in family travel, but as a parent in her mid-forties, she seeks out restaurants and hotels that adults can enjoy, too. Luxury hotels are Leigh’s passion, and she is ready to travel the world, one luxury hotel at a time. Connect with Leigh on Twitter @Hinessightblog, Facebook and check out Hines-Sight Blog on Pinterest.

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  1. Kristen

    That looks like the most peaceful place to get away from it all and with food like that…I may not return. :-)

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