Live a Little: Jump

Live a little: JUMP

When is the last time you have JUMPED? Either literally jumped in the air, jumped when exercising or metaphorically speaking “jumped” and done something in an accelerated form, up, up, up? Jumping can be thrilling, exciting and even scary, especially if you jump down from high, or try to jump up and reach something. Jumping is living out with bold moves, jumping is taking your strength and physics to the test. Jumping can be anything but “living a little”, in fact jumping can be LIVING BIG. I’ve done many “jumps” this year. Moving from a country to another, traveling in Europe and North America, selling everything, starting new. And jumping from joy, jumping with the kids for fun. Many of my jumps have been big, some tiny. The bottom line is that I’ve kept on jumping. In today’s live a little I encourage you to JUMP A LITTLE. It’s OK if you are not doing the bungee jump, nor jumping from cliff to swim in an exotic location, or taking the big jump and changing something big in your life. Hey, great if you do! But today I encourage you to take a small jump. It’s bigger and more powerful than let’s say a step, and it might encourage you to kick start something bigger. Jump with the kids to the pool – or in the puddles of summer rain. Jump because you are happy. Jump because you are sad – it will make you feel better. Jump alone, jump with friends. I admit… when we took this jump picture in Venice earlier this year, I swore we’d do it in other locations too. I guess we forgot. It’s a shame, because what would make better memories than jumping in unexpected or unique places – whether it’s your everyday life or when traveling? But we are back on jumping. This is me and the kids – on air. Obviously we are in a need of a photographer who could take a picture of all of us jumping at the same time!

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