My Week in Photos: Tourist in Sweden Edition

I am still living life to the fullest and enjoying the short but sweet Swedish summer and not online as much as normally. I hope you are out enjoying summer as well! Like mentioned before.. when I’m traveling, I try to truly unplug and enjoy the moment (I recommend the same for you!) but I love sharing photos in an instant, and love Instagram. Hope you connect with me on Instagram – I’m using the handle skimbaco there – let’s connect!

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My Week in Pictures: Staycation!!

We had family visiting from Texas and Finland, and we did a full blown staycation in the Östergötland County in southeastern Sweden and visited the best of our hometown Linköping, the Göta Canal, Gränna, where peppermint stick was invented and Vadstena, an amazing old monastery town with a castle among others. Stay tuned for more details, but here are a few pictures from our staycation in Sweden. Lots of visiting old churches… Seeing how they still hand make peppermint sticks in Gränna. Visiting the aeronautical museum in Linköping was fun for everyone in the family. And we truly love taking it easy and enjoying the country side in Sweden. The water is still my favorite element, and I’m dreaming of a boat… What did you do this week? What kind of pictures did you take?

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