Travel Insight: Step Back in Time at Colonial Williamsburg

I’m not going to lie. It gets hot below the Mason-Dixon line in August. It’s downright sultry at times. But the good news is that you can snag some good luxury vacation deals before school starts back in September. One of my favorite places to visit is Colonial Williamsburg. I think it’s because I feel as if I have stepped into a storybook. I love the quaintness, the living history, and the architecture. It’s definitely on my list to take the kids one day. My husband and I went before we had children. I picked an off-site property for that trip and have always wanted to redo that trip. You are slowly learning from me that if I choose the wrong inn, then the whole trip is messed up for me. It ruins everything. I’ve decided that next time I go I’m going to spend some time staying in the heart of Colonial Williamsburg. I want to have high tea at the Williamsburg Inn, which is celebrating 75 years of hospitality this year. I would love to stay at the elegant inn or at the Williamsburg Lodge, which is offering the incredible  “Summer Stories Package” right now. It includes tickets, daily breakfast, and $100 resort credit. That’s a great deal! I think Williamsburg would also be the perfect place to visit around the holidays.  I personally decorate my own colonial home with classic Williamsburg candles in my windows over the holidays, and would love to see this village by candlelight. Fall and Holiday packages are now being offered for Colonial Williamsburg, but the Summer luxury specials available until the end of August are going to be hard to beat. photos: ColonialWilliamsburg.com

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