Live a Little: Enjoy & Appreciate the Old Things & Traditions

Live a Little: enjoy the old

I know we feature here a lot of the newest of the new, the trendy products, the latest travel news, latest fashion and just released movies and music. There are so many new things that are perfect for enjoying life, but living skimbaco lifestyle does not mean living life according the latest trends, consuming and always moving into the next new thing. Skimbaco lifestyle is living in the moment, yes, but it’s living in the moment in a way that the past and future intersect and making that moment as happy as you can with the means you have at the moment. This week I encourage you to enjoy the old things and the old ways of doing things. Sometimes it may mean slowing down, or even doing things the less convenient way, but it’s OK. Enjoy the slow way of doing things. Bake from scratch, repair old things instead of throwing them away, respect the traditions, and learn the old ways of doing things, even if you don’t really have to. When I was a little girl, my mother and grandmother taught me to cook, sew, crochet and knit, and while I rarely do any of those things anymore, I am teaching those to my children. In the world full of new things, I still want my children to learn from traditions and learn to enjoy simple things, and have the skills to create things. In the world full of video games and gadgets, it feels pretty good that my children who have seen more world than many adults rather create things on their own, than spend their time playing video games. I think our creativity can shine through sometimes more when we do things the “old way” instead the easy way. Often even innovation happen when we do things the old way – and want to do it easier, but in a non-yet-invented way. Maybe it is the European in me that appreciates the past, the traditions and how they reflect on our lives today. The photos in this post are all from our travels in Italy, and Italy among other European countries is a perfect example of past and future living in a harmony. Old architecture and traditions are mixed with ultra modern design. You don’t have to choose between old or new, between vintage or up-to-date, between classic and trendy, or even between luxurious and thrifty. You can live in a way where you make your own path mixing the old things and traditions and exploring the new. I saw the new James Bond movie Skyfall this weekend, and one of the themes even in the 50 year old movie series was “sometimes the old ways of doing things are the best.” We are used to seeing the iconic 007 using new gadgets and jetsetting around the world in glamorous settings, and while Skyfall didn’t disappoint offering that for the die hard Bond-fans, it was great how the message was about appreciating the past and doing things the old way. What a great message to send! Stay tuned for the full movie review, and check out James Bond Skyfall already in most European countries, and in the US on November 9th. This week: think how you can appreciate and celebrate the old things and old ways of doing things. In the photos from Italy: Colorful house in Burano, condolas in Venice, bicycle in Lucca, town square in Lucca, alley in Venice. Write how you Live a Little! Write a blog post how you “live a little,” what’s your small way of living life to the fullest and add your blog post to the InLinkz widget above. Rules: Link to bit.ly/livelittle, and if you want, add the get the InLinkz code for your post. If you post the widget in your blog post, please add these rules as well.

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