How to Have Luxury, Education, and Fun in Travels with Kids I talk a lot about luxury vacations here on Skimbaco. It’s my travel beat. Yes, I love posh hotels, spas that pamper, traditional afternoon tea, and farm-fresh foods that delight the foodie gourmet. But, please … I’m not dripping in diamonds and dropping $100 bills everywhere I go. Far from it. Sometimes, I think people don’t pursue a luxury experience because they think it is unobtainable or not affordable. I live a very simple lifestyle in Raleigh, North Carolina. I have two children, and, truthfully, life can be kind of chaotic on most days and very far from luxurious. But I try to put a little luxury in our outings as well as education and fun. Why? Because it makes me happy.


As Katja mentioned, now is the time for outdoor outings before it gets too cold. Fall is the perfect time for pumpkins, outdoor concerts, and the N.C. State Fair. The NC State Fair


OK. A State Fair may not be a luxurious destination by a textbook definition, but by the time one pays for rides, games, and treats, the outing will rival a luxury price tag. And, of course, the fair has lots of educational components, which I think are extremely important for children. My kids loved seeing craftsmen at work. North Carolina is known for its pottery. A little town called Seagrove in the eastern Piedmont is known as the pottery capital. These potters create true treasures. Seagrove Pottery in North Carolina And, well, the fun just comes naturally at the State Fair. Ride after ride.


I recently completed a 10-day detox/cleanse, and I simply decided not to partake in fried Oreos or roasted turkey legs on this outing. Instead, I indulged on a freshly made, homemade mini white chocolate baguette from a local French bakery for our late afternoon snack. Yes, anything French adds a little “ooh la la” luxury to an agricultural event. It was worth the calories, too. So, this mama fought crowds, stood in line, and smelled stinky farm animals. It was time to end this affair and add some more indulgence and luxury to our experience. NC State Fair and Busy Bee Cafe in Raleigh, NC We walked straight past the food midway and went for the charm of a local eatery in downtown Raleigh. The Busy Bee café does not have a children’s menu, and we did not care. We didn’t go there for a children’s menu. We went there for the atmosphere, experience, and delicious homemade food. My children are learning that there is an eating world outside of children’s chicken tenders, even though neither one of them tried my Mediterranean Cous Cous. They are learning to soak up the atmosphere, enjoy their surroundings, and seek new experiences. My son even ordered a salad with his burger. OK. I admit that my daughter only ate hand-cut potato fries, but my children were still happy. We were happy, and they loved the fact that my husband and I were taking them to places that we used to go to only when we had a sitter, and left them at home. Well, not any more. I’ve finally decided that it is possible to experience luxury, education, and fun in my outings with my kids right now, instead of waiting until they are grown to really start living. We’re living life to the fullest together as a family, and I love exposing them to some of the finer things in life at a young age.   luxury travel, East Coast travel, resorts & hotels, travel industry news, Southern travel, luxury travel blogger SUBSCRIBE TO SKIMBACO TRAVEL, travel newsletter delivered to you once a week.

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