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Nina posted already today in her Finnish fashion column Tyylitila these first pictures from the launch collection of H&M’s new brand & Other Stories. & Other Stories will launch in 7 cities in Europe and with online stores in selected European countries this spring (you can read the cities and details in my post here). 2012 was challenging for H&M, and it keeps going strong in many areas such as USA, Canada, China and Russia, but the clothing markets have been challenging, especially in Europe.
H&M continues to stand strong in a challenging clothing market which in many countries has been even more challenging in 2012 compared to 2011
stated H&M chief executive officer Karl-Johan Persson for WWD. H&M’s net profits fell due the challenging market’s but they also made major investments, especially to launching & Other Stories. The H&M is still continuing the global domination and are planning on adding 325 stores in the 2012/2013 financial year, including its first stores in Chile, Estonia, Lithuania, Serbia and Indonesia. But all eyes are on & Other Stories and it’s launch this spring… & Other Stories logo bw

Photos of & Other Stories Launch Collection

& Other stories released photos of the launch collection last week.
Lovely, oh, so lovely clothing and accessories. Minimalistic and classic style is always a big hit for me.
said our own fashion expert Nina Varis. And I couldn’t agree more. The urban classic collection looks modern timeless and the materials are much better than what at H&M typically, so the clothing has a much better opportunity to last as a wardrobe stables. black jacket green The photos look very promising, and so do the prices for the promised quality, however both Nina and I are wondering how & Other Stories will be different from H&M’s other luxury brand, COS, the style seems a lot like COS. Can’t wait for the & Other Stories launch for this spring and to see the collection first hand. blue pink Photos: & Other stories

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