superfront: luxury ikea hack

Swedes can now enjoy luxury hacks for IKEA

A new kind of home design company opened its doors this week in Sweden allowing people to revamp their existing IKEA furniture to look like a higher priced designer furniture. Introducing Superfront, a company who now offers “luxury hacks” for IKEA furniture frames. Their product line offers fronts, handles and legs for all of Ikea’s existing cabinet bases. Scandinavian designer furniture costs easily 5x or even 10 times the price of IKEA furniture, and now with Superfront people are able to get the custom look with Superfront’s several options for the price that may double the IKEA furniture price but still is way under the high street designer prices. All of the Superfront products are made in Sweden. superfront_for_ikea_blue, superfront, ikea hack, blue, scandinavian design The concept is quite brilliant allowing you to revamp your old IKEA furniture or get a custom look for less. Superfront has 9 fronts, 8 handles, 8 legs and 12 different colors to choose from making it maybe difficult to choose from but easy to get a custom look. The prices are inexpensive, for example the blue “hack” above with sides, legs and handles is around 500 dollars, and for less than half of that you can upgrade a furniture with new legs and handles to get a custom look. superfront ikea luxury hack I love the idea of Sweden-made high quality products for cheaper but the concept of luxury IKEA hack is still a little shaky to me. I love the idea for IKEA kitchens or wall closet systems that otherwise might be very expensive to replace, however I have owned enough many PAX-closet systems to know that they might not be worth a makeover, and investing in a better quality might still be the most cost effective hack in the long run. superfront IKEA furnture upgrade There is no denying though – the gorgeous look and relatively inexpensive price will make Superfront difficult to resist for IKEA and Scandinavian design fans. scandinavian design for less

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