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Must have travel products for men

Packing for a trip, whether across town or across seas, can always be stressful. I tend to be a last minute packer, which may not always be good, but I have gotten good at knowing what I need to grab. Having go-to travel items makes the packing process a lot easier. I am packing for an upcoming trip to Europe, and find myself reaching for those certain items I can never travel without. Here are some of my must have travel products. 1. Ollo Clip iPhone Lens My iPhone has become my main camera. I rarely find myself using a point-and-shoot model, and only lug my D-SLR on big trips. The Ollo Clip is the perfect travel accessory for your iPhone and its camera. This product is a 3-in-1 lens featuring a macro, wide angle, and fisheye lens to enhance your pictures. Available from Ollo. $69.99 Ollo Clip   2. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones These are a must have for any trip- car, plane, and train. These headphones offer great sound quality while reducing noise so you can relax more easily on a long flight or car ride. Available from Bose. $299.95   Bose Headphones 3. Hanz de Fuko Quicksand Long travels can lead to long days. This hair product is perfect for adding style and a fresh look to your hair after hopping off a long train ride and heading to dinner. Quicksand is Hanz de Fuko’s most revolutionary product. It acts as a style agent and also has qualities of a dry shampoo. It can add volume and texture while minimizing oils. I have personally used the product and love it. Available from Hanz de Fuko. $17.50

Hanz de Fuko2

  4. Moleskine Journal I may be considered old fashioned, but I still love to have a journal to write down places I come across, to remember things I want to do, and to note contact information for anyone I come across. Moleskine products have always been my go to product for journals and agendas. They a very durable making them perfect for traveling. Available from Moleskine. Set of 3 $18.95


  5. Smith’s Rosebud Salve                                                                                         One of the most popular products from Smith’s, this salve soothes dry skin and even relives the sting from minor burns. I always throw some in my bag when traveling because being in plane always causes dry skin. Available from Sephora. $6


6. iGo Charge Anywhere Even when traveling, being connected is almost a must these days. The iGo charger acts as a wall charger, but can be thrown into a bag during the day and act as a battery for charging devices on the go. Available from iGo. $39.99 iGo   7. Travel Sized Cologne- Bleu de Chanel refillable $59.99 I love to bring a personal touch whenever I am traveling. Cologne is a great choice, with many fragrances available in travel sizes. One of my favorite scents is Bleu de Chanel. Available from Chanel. $59.99

Bleu de Chanel

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