Take a Coffee Break and Shop with Sweet Relish


Shop with Sweet Relish

Today I would like to encourage you to take a coffee break and shop with Sweet Relish. Sweet Relish is a new social shopping site where you can create lists of things you would like or what you recommend for others. And before you say you use Pinterest for that – have you ever found great products on Pinterest and wanting to buy them immediately only to find out that the link isn’t working, or there is no link where to purchase the product and you are end up wanting to buy something, but can’t find where to buy it? Yeah, me too. That’s why Sweet Relish is awesome, every single product can be bought and you can create lists with products from virtually any online store. Sweet Relish is brilliant for making gift lists (think birthdays, weddings and the Holidays for example), and I immediately thought it would be great to use it for home decorating projects. You could easily pick furniture and other home products from different stores for your room, create a Sweet Relish list of all of the different options. It would be very easy to see them all at one glance and compare them all, including their prices and then make purchases easily when ready. Since it’s a social shopping site, you can also find products from your friends lists, or send your list to your friends to look at (“hey babe, this is what I’d fancy for my birthday”). I created a few lists and tested how Sweet Relish works. You can find my lists and you can also find the products pictured above in my coffee break list. Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 3.25.32 AM Using Sweet Relish is simple. You join in and you can get the Relish browser button and every time you find a product you want to add to your list, you just click the button and add it to the list you want, or you can create a new list. So get a cup of coffee and take a coffee break from your day and check out Sweet Relish and start your own shopping wish list! Disclosure: This post was sponsored but all of my opinions and the product picks in the lists are mine.

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