Men’s Denim Guide (and top pick for each style)

Denim shopping tips for men

Men’s Denim Guide

Shopping for denim can be quite stressful and even challenging these days. Many options exist aside from the traditional 5-pocket style that so many of us grew up with in our closets. Now, decisions must be made not only about style, but also about fit, color, cut, and finish when buying your jeans. I am going to make jean shopping a bit easier by laying out a few of the popular styles, and how they work well. If there is one thing I cannot stress, it is make the investment in high-end denim! They fit better, last longer, and ultimately make you look better. You will not regret the investment, especially if you take precautions to prevent fading. FIT: This is what denim is all about. Determining what look you are going for and how you want to ultimately feel in your denim is the first step towards finding the perfect pair. Below are some of the most popular styles and tips for wear.


Slim is my personal favorite jeans fit. Note that this is slim and not skinny. I would recommend staying away from the skinny cut. The slim cut will be snug from the thighs through the calf, and loosen up at the ankles. This cut offers a sharp, clean look perfect for wearing out at night, or for a smart, casual look at the office on Fridays. Pair with a button down and blazer during the day, and a v-neck and motorcycle jacket for evenings out. I recommend a slim style from Acne: $230 ACNE slim jeans


Straight leg fit is the go-to choice for numerous men. This cut is still a bit form fitting through the thigh, but generally has the same fit throughout. The straight leg presents a slightly more casual look, especially in lighter washes. A perfect weekend option when paired with a crewneck sweater, or slightly dressed up with an oxford and cardigan. Straight Leg from Diesel $198 diesel straight leg jeans for men


Opt for the classic or regular cut if you want a loose fit throughout the length of the jean. The classic will be well suited for an older audience because of its relaxed style. Of all the choices, I would rank this fit as the most casual because trends in menswear have been slimmer, form fitting styles, and this classic fit is the opposite of this. You cannot go wrong with the traditional Levi 501’s for a classic fit $78 Levis 501


Figuring out the best fit for you is just the beginning for denim shopping in the 21st century. With colored denim highly popular now, there are even more choices. I recommend adding interest with colors in the spring and summer. Once you find the perfect pair of jeans, you will be like me with over 20 pairs in your closet! Monsieur Curations - Men's Lifestyle at Skimbaco Lifestyle, feature by Wes Holland

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