Just In: Sensational Umbria Exhibit Opens In New York

Sensational Umbria photo exhibit in New York

Sensational Umbria, an exhibit by photographer Steve McCurry, has opened in New York at the Italian Trade Commission. This exhibit, commissioned by the Italian region of Umbria, contains over 100 photos that highlight this important region. The exhibit was on preview before opening to the public, and I had the chance to view selected images from this innovative exhibit.


The images in the Sensational Umbria exhibit capture images from all walks of life in the region. The president of Umbria, Catiuscia Marini, notes “It is the first time that such a campaign has been done,” speaking on the innovativeness of the commission to brand the region. Steve McCurry is an iconic voice in the photography industry with over 30 years of experience and has done work for National Geographic. He brings his international eye to this exhibit as he captures his take on this region that is a “land rich in time, past and present.”


The images curated and on display really give an insight into this region. I was amazed by the depiction of local artisan, industry, and culture. The values underlying Sensational Umbria are those of nature, culture, quality, and local artisans and industry. The images act as a visual story, transporting the viewers into the every day life in the Umbria Region.

© Steve McCurry A4 New York 2

Steve McCurry has personally selected 15 images that are on display throughout the month of November in New York. Seven of the images have never been seen before, and respect aspect typical of the Umbria region such as cashmere, wine, and food.


Listing information for Sensational Umbria:

Location: Italian Trade Commission, 33 East 67th Street Date: November 8th through November 16th Time: 10am until 6:30pm, daily The display will also be at Eataly in New York through the end of November   Photos: Steve McCurry, my own

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