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Christmas on Instagram Where are you spending your Holidays this year? If you are like millions of others, the answer would be “on Instagram”. Join us for sharing the joy of your Holiday season, but remember that first and foremost enjoy the season with the people who you are with, and secondary with Instagram-friends. Enjoying the moment is much more important than gramming the moment. Stay tuned for larger feature of Christmas Around the World with pictures from Skimbaco-readers around the world, and now read my IGTT Weekly Top 5 for tuning into Christmas on Instagram. IGTT top 5 weekly Instagram News

IGTT Weekly Top 5

1. Featured Instagram User

To really get you to Christmas spirit, who else to follow than Santa Claus himself? This may come as news to you, but the Real Santa does not live in the North Pole (way too cold and too many traffic problems getting outta there every Christmas). Santa Claus lives in Northern Finland, in Lapland, on a mountain called “Korvatunturi”. Or this is what I was told when I was a child growing up in Finland. Today there are actually several different Santa Claus-parks in Finnish Lapland, for example Santa Park in Rovaniemi. Another one is Santa Claus Office, also in Rovaniemi. I will be furter investigating this in January as I am heading to Lapland to visit Santa himself. Don’t believe in Santa? The “proof is in the porrige” as Santa Claus says. Follow SantaClausOffice on Instagram, and judge for yourself. Looks pretty real to me with elves and workshop and all, but I don’t know if real Santa would be so naughty that he wouldn’t follow anyone back on Instagram. Santa Claus on Instagram You can also watch Santa Claus live on his website.

2. Featured Instagram-related Product

The cold winter days just call for hot chocolate and marshmallows. Instead of just gramming your hot cocoa, why not literally add some Instagrams on your hot drink? Today’s featured Instagram-product is marshmallows decorated with your Instagram photos by Boomf. Perfect edible gift for fellow nomads and travelers. You can send your 9 best travel photos to your friends, and they can get the pictures and eat them too. Boomf - Instagram photos for marshmallows

3. Featured Christmas hashtags

Want to share your holiday pictures with other Christmas-lovers? Check out these hashtags and use them for your pictures too. #santagram – use for all of those Santa-sightings #elfontheshelf – for all of those Elf on the Shelf-pictures (I personally would like to mute this one) #christmas2013 – super popular, everything Christmas this year #christmasaroundtheworld – for Christmas pictures from different locations around the world #igerslondon12days – started by IgersLondon and originally a contest, but great photos from Holiday time London can be found with this hashtag. #coastalchristmas Coastal Living magazine is encouraging their readers to share coastal Christmas photos, share yours and find great coastal Holiday pictures #FSHoliday – Four Seasons is asking you to share your holiday pictures with them #skimbacoholidays – share your pictures with us and we feature the best on Instagram, our site and on Pinterest A couple of weeks ago we announced a new hashtag #skimbacoholidays and asked you to share your Holiday photos with us. We have close to 200 photos so far, and we would love to see more! We feature some of our favorites on Skimbacoers Instagram-account. Yesterday I featured this NYC Christmas picture by JenTemple. You can also tag your festive photos with #FSHoliday to share the holiday cheer. Four Seasons will repost their favorites at their Instagram account. Thanks for Leigh for the FS scoop on her last week’s post Hotels Can Put the “Merry” in Christmas.

4. Featured #IGTravelThursday Post from Last Week

My favorite Instagram Travel related Christmas Gift by Nadia of Childmode.com. Instagram photos make such a great way to personalize your Christmas gifts this year.

5. Featured Instagram-related App

Want to create a cool Christmas video-greeting and add “Merry Christmas” to the video? App called Gravie let’s you do just that. This photo is made with Phoster-app to layer text on images, made by the same company as Gravie is. Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 9.49.37 AM

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