Exclusive Interview with Menswear Designer Peter Manning

Exclusive Interview with Menswear Designer Peter Manning

When shopping for fashion, it is all about the fit. What is an amazing blazer or pair of chinos if the fit is not correct? This is what inspired Peter Manning to launch his own line, catered towards men 5’8” and under (25% of adult males). Now, Peter Manning NYC is the go-to label for men looking for the perfect fit. I had the chance to interview Mr. Manning himself and get some insight into his inspiration and hopes for the brand going forward.

Wes: What prompted you to leave your old profession and start your own brand? Peter Manning: After finishing a real estate development downtown in Nolita, 211 Elizabeth Street, I realized that my skills honed as a theater producer could be applied to a different industry. I had wanted clothes that fit forever and decided it was time to give it a try. I believed that there were others guys out there who needed clothes that fit as well. Turns out I was right! Wes: When you picture the “Peter Manning” man, who do you envision? Peter Manning: Great question. I think the Peter Manning man is a lot of different guys in different stages of life. We have customers from college kids to much older men. That said, the Peter Manning man in my head when I am picking fabrics and crafting clothes, is a sophisticated young guy, with a job that he adores, a young family. A guy interested in living life to the fullest, who is as happy in the park with the kids, as he is in the best restaurant with his wife. He loves to look great. He drives a smart but not flashy car and cares about his surroundings. He is old fashioned in a good way and loves to keep up with friends and family. He is a traveller and is interested in culture and movies. He has friends in creative fields and more traditional ones and he knits them all together. And so the Peter Manning man is him, the young guy who will be him and the older guy who was. Wes: When designing your pieces, what is the most important aspect that you look to incorporate into your garments? Peter Manning: Simple, quality and fit. That will never change. We are fanatical about it. Also, a timelessness to our clothes. We are not trend driven. I want our guy to have our clothes for a long time. Wes: Discuss briefly your goals for Peter Manning moving forward. Do you hope to expand into accessories in the future? Peter Manning: Our primary goal is letting all the the millions and millions of men 5’8″ and under know we are out there. We want to make the best clothes possible and whenever possible make them here in America. This guy needs everything so we hope to add outerwear and suits and yes, accessories. There is so much we want to do but we take it step by step. We don’t want to add more until we know what we are doing is the very best it can be. I know that is old fashioned but that is what we believe. Wes: Are there any plans for a storefront located in Manhattan or elsewhere? Peter Manning: We are moving to Dumbo in Brooklyn in January and we will be able to have a showroom and a place for customers to come and see and try on the clothes. We are thinking about storefronts and what that would look like. We don’t want to rush into anything and we are already shipping to every state and ten foreign countries. So we’re pretty busy!   I love discovering up and coming designers, so I was excited to explore the pieces from Peter Manning. The quality of the pieces was great- substantial fabrics, good stitching, and easy care. The brand utilizes a special sizing system based upon height and weight to provide a great fit. This was the first time I tried on a pair of chinos that actually fit on the first try, ready to be paired with loafers without any hemming needed. Additionally, Manning’s style is perfect for smart, casual looks in the office or an upscale weekend outfit. Below, I created a classic outfit with essentials such as an oxford in blue university stripe, a v-neck sweater, and slim fitting chinos. These pieces are highly versatile and will transition well from the office to the weekend.

peter manning outfit

peter manning chinos

peter manning preppy

Sweater // Oxford // Chinos 

I am excited to the Peter Manning brand continue to develop and grow. The story behind the brand is very interesting as it meets the need of a large amount of men in the market place. Finding a brand that offers exceptionally crated garments that fit well means the pieces can be worn season after season. That means saving money on replenishing wardrobes each year so you can have more to invest other pleasures such as travel and dinning all while dressed perfectly. Explore Peter Manning NYC’s full range of classic styles at their website.

Disclaimer: This post was made possible by Peter Manning. All opinions expressed are solely my own.

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