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Join us for Instagram Travel Thursday

I started the Instagram Travel Thursday to unite travelers on Instagram. We’ve had hundreds of bloggers and Instagrammers participating to our weekly Linky, and adding travel photos on Instagram with #IGTravelThursday hashtag. As of writing this, we have over 4,200 photos tagged with #IGTravelThursday. I have given a lot of Instagram tips, and also published excerpts from my book. I am changing my weekly posts a little bit, and for now on featuring others from our community each week. I shall call this new feature Instagram Travel Thursday Weekly Top 5, or IGTT Top 5 in short. I am so thankful that so many people have embraced my idea and joined IGTT! You can see a few of the latest photos on this interactive map. Notice: the photos need to be geo-tagged to be able to be seen in this map.

Join us hosting the IGTT Linky Widget

Another new feature. I would like to invite YOU to join hosting the IGTT Linky on your site. We have several people who only participate on IGTT on Instagram, and a smaller group who post about Instagram Travel topic each week on our blogs. We collect all of the blog posts under a “Linky” widget (scroll down to see today’s) so they can all be found easily as a great resource. This has helped both our readers to find interesting posts to read, and travel industry people to find bloggers who are on Instagram. We’ve had a lot of interest from other bloggers to join hosting IGTT as well, and I decided to open the IGTT linky to everyone in our community. We will still have our weekly hosts among Skimbaco Lifestyle: Luxury Travel Mom, Destination Unknown, Hines Sight Blog, House of Anais, Child Mode and Live. Do. Grow., but now anyone can take our widget code and also host the linky. Each week I will feature a blogger who is hosting the linky widget. Join us and get the widget for your post today! That way also your readers can immediately access to all of the posts, and we hope to spread the word even further. More details on the bottom of this post and a link where you can get the code. Important notice: now when we are opening the linky code, we will be monitoring the links more than before, and removing all of the links that are not Instagram travel related. IGTT top 5 weekly Instagram News

IGTT Weekly Top 5

I will start posting Instagram Travel Thursday Weekly Top 5 every week and feature 5 things Instagram travel related: people, hashtags, tools, blog posts and news. I will bring some of the latest news in the scene, and also feature some of my favorite photographers and travelers, as well as some lesser known Instagrammers who I think are worth the follow. Let’s get this started, shall we?

1. Instagram News

New and newsworthy: Phil Yisrael of Content Plus started The Insta Show, video interview series with Instagrammers. I love this idea, and learning more about (and from) some of the most prominent Instagrammers. In the first show Phil showcases Thomas Kakareko from Berlin, known as Thomas_k on Instagram. Thomas is also one of the co-owners of Visuamate, an agency that specializes in visual marketing, for example Instagram campaigns. I’ve been following both Phil and Thomas for a long time, and I hope you enjoy The Insta Show as much as I do. Make sure to follow Phil as P_d_y and TheInstaShow on Instagram and get a scoop who is the next Instagrammer interviewed in The Insta Show.

2. Featured Instagram tool

Instagram tool can be a gadget for iPhones or an app to edit photos or any other “tool” each week. Today I’d like to highlight SnapWidget’s new map widget, like I featured some pictures on the map above. It’s a great way to showcase Instagram photos from a specific hashtag or user on a map on your website.

3. Featured #IGTravelThursday Instagrammer

Today I would like you to meet DJ Yabis. Follow http://instagram.com/dreameurotrip I met DJ, aka DreamEuroTrip on my trip to Italy. We had way too much fun, and I am so excited I will see him again in Finland next month during Matkamessut, the travel trade show in Helsinki. DJ is a master in finding the best ways to travel in Europe. He has a travel service and an excellent site Dream Euro Trip. DJ’s pictures are fantastic, and he will take you around Germany, where he lives, and around Europe. I have been loving his luxury spa pictures and pictures from German Christmas markets lately. Follow http://instagram.com/dreameurotrip And here is DJ, pictured by me in Abruzzo, Italy at Rocca Calascio, one of the most beautiful mountaintop fortresses in the world where the final scene of the classic movie Ladyhawke was shot. Photo from his Instagram-feed.

4. Featured #IGTravelThursday Post from Last Week

I send out the IGTT newsletter each week and feature a blog post from the previous week in the newsletter (subscribe it now), and now I will start featuring a post here as well. Read Satu’s 3 Handy Mobile Gadgets to Make Outdoor and Adventure Photography Pop on Instagram. I admit, I never use anything else than iPhone, and don’t have any fancy gadgets, but would love to try some!

5. Featured #IGTravelThursday Co-Host

You all probably already know Reeta, but I can’t help but featuring her. Follow http://instagram.com/houseofanais# Reeta, HouseofAnais on Instagram, joined our team this year, and she was brand new to Instagram. I’ve been so impressed of her photos and her travels this year. She is currently intagramming pictures in and around Christmassy London, and her next travels are taking her to Iceland and Israel. I loved living through her pictures also on her recent trip to Sri Lanka. You can of course get her travel stories also on her website House of Anais and here at Skimbaco Lifestyle under her Global Inspirations column. Reeta is extremely well-traveled, and just in the past two years she has lived on three different continents (in California, China and now in UK), and traveled everywhere between Bali and Paris. She is also “a castle expert” of UK, I have lost count how many castles she has visited this year!

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