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olympics-on-instagram The Sochi Olympics are raising controversy and so far I have read more bad news about the Winter Games than good. Pictures of bad accommodations circulate the web, and the rumor is that Sochi simply isn’t ready to host the Winter Games. The opening ceremony is tomorrow, ready or not. For this week’s Instagram Travel Top 5 News I thought it would be fun to collect a few Sochi-related Instagram accounts to follow. Mashable also reports though journalists may be banned for using Instagram and Vine to broadcast the events, so social media, among other things, is one of the controversial issues of this year’s Winter Games.

IGTT Weekly Top 5

1. Featured Instagram event to follow

Olympics on Instagram This is easy: Olympics of course. Follow the official Olympic Instagram account, and Sochi2014 account for official images. HASHTAGS TO FOLLOW: Easiest one: #sochi2014 Some of the teams are also using their own hashtags and people at home can join. The Canadian team is using #WeAreWinter also to bring photos from back home to live and to show Canadian support for their Winter Games team. Team Usa has also been using #russiacalling and of course #teamusa.

2. Featured Instagram users at the Olympics

Team USA: TeamUsa Canadian Olympic team CdnOlympicTeam Aksel Lund Svindal’s Instagram account asvindal is pure awesomeness of alpine ski racing. And American snowboarder HannahTeter shows some girl power. Another American snowboarder to follow is Justin_reiter British figure skater Penny Coomes shows some Olympic goodies and candid behind the scenes photos. Alpine skiing sisters from Norway MonaLoseth and NinaLoseth. Read this full list of athletes to follow on Instagram at Huffington Post Canada.

3. Featured IGTT Instagrammer

Meet an amazing traveler Miret Padovani of blog Flânerie Féminine. She takes you around the world and back with her gorgeous photos. Follow her on Instagram as zurichvienna. Follow on Instagram http://instagram.com/zurichvienna#

4. Featured IGTT post from last week

I loved the post We didn’t choose vacation, vacation chose us…kinda? at Life with The Lushers. They literally waited a certain top restaurant list to publish to make any travel reservations. And the first travel reservation they made: was to the restaurant!

5. Featured Instagram tip

I was in Italy last week, and I had completely run out of out of country roaming due my trips to Denmark and Finland earlier in January and for some reason was not able to extend my monthly roaming. It was kind of a disaster from Instagram point of view – I was not able to publish many photos during the trip. What I realized was that I took even more photos than normally with my iPhone, and that resulted even more possible Instagram-ready content to be shared later on. It’s not INSTANT, but now I can actually post more photos when I didn’t use my time to publishing during the trip. It is always a good reminder to LIVE in the moment, even if it means snapping photos, than broadcasting the moment. Sometimes… you should also just put down the phone, and completely enjoy the moment.

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