Sophie Reyes debuts Collection in Collaboration with French Tuesdays in New York

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French designer Sophie Reyes presented her ready-to-wear and couture collection at a beautiful show in collaboration with Just Oui’s first French Tuesdays at Marquee in New York City. Reyes, hailing from a French-Spanish family in Southern France, is a fashion designer and artistic director whose designs have been seen on the Red Carpet of the renowned Cannes Film Festival. Just Oui, created by Florence Routoulp, is a company that specializes in events “à la francaise”  and has been widely popular in France. Together, these two creatives put on a fabulous evening at the Marquee venue in New York in conjunction with French Tuesdays, rated on of the top 10 most beautiful spaces in the city.

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The evening commenced with a fashion show articulated around the Couture  summer 2014 and Ready-to-wear Fall/Winter 2014 collections. Reyes’s shows are like a form of art. I was highly impressed as she took the traditional runway show to a new level with choreographed danced, trapeze, and music mixed in. As Reyes says, “Creativity has no limit, it adapts itself to each project.” Reyes sent a lot of looks down the runway, each one was unique. A lot of the pieces included convertibility aspects which added to the uniqueness of the pieces. The designs are feminine and fun while the couture collection will attract attention for any who wear the intricate designs. As the looks went down the runway, the models strutted to house music, keeping the energy up, and the show incorporated multiple dance routines. The showstopper was definitely the white ball gown which concluded the show.

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After the runway show, the party really got started with the first official French Tuesday party in New York. Marquee transformed into the stylish nightclub that it is known to be as Florence worked her Just Oui magic in conjunction with French Tuesday founders Pierre Battu and Gilles Amsallem. Guests partied in true French style, one of the core concept of the Just Oui brand as Florence works with 100% French partners to provide an authentic experience. The evening included a lot of dancing and even more Champagne….truly French!

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