Live life to the fullest: just go through it

bridge to burn or tunnel with light on the end? You'll never know before you go through it

Life life to the fullest: you have to go through with it to know it

I took this picture of a covered bridge in New Brunswick, Canada, and it made me think how we never really have a “covered bridge” in our lives when we are crossing to something new. If you think of the longer and higher bridges, it’s often windy on the bridge, even on sunny days. Some bridges are very high making those who are scared of height very wary of crossing them. On the other hand, sometimes the view can be much better while you are still on the bridge, instead of on the other side. And almost with no exceptions, once you have started crossing a bridge, there are not many opportunities to make an U-turn. You have to go through it to the other side. The “bridges” we face in our life are the same way. We often have to pick a bridge to cross and there is no possibility of returning until reaching to a certain point, or sometimes we realize that crossing the bridge is the scariest part and life is better on the other side, but we just need to gain courage to get there. There is a saying that the most difficult part of life is to know which bridges to cross, and which ones to burn, and I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes once we cross a bridge we realize that what was left on the other side, should not be gone back to ever again. But what if we had guaranteed “covered bridges” in life? Transition would be smoother, there is always the light on the end of the tunnel, and no worries of high winds, or being scared of heights either. In reality, we will never know if something is a bridge we will want to burn later, or a tunnel with a light on the end, until we have gone through it. Life has no guarantees, but the only way to experience life to the fullest is to have courage to move forward and give the “bridges” in our lives a try.

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