Live life to the fullest: some doors are meant to be kept closed


Life life to the fullest: keep some doors closed

I think this resonates with many, especially when we look at our past. We probably all have things, people and places, we want to keep the “door closed” for good. However, I think this also applies to future possibilities, and I really think some things are just never meant to happen, however much we would like them to. There is a saying “be careful what you wish for,” and I have multiple times in my life truly understood what it means. I have wanted something, maybe even worked extremely hard for it, and then realized that the reality of my dream isn’t what I thought it would be. I remember being headhunted for a few high profile jobs in New York City a few years ago, and remember taking the train back home from the interviews just with this biggest smile in my face – I couldn’t believe I was given the change to even be AT the door and given the opportunity to say “thank you, I would like to keep this door closed for now,” as I chose to carve my own path as an entrepreneur. It felt good to know that I chose working from home with my heart, not just because I didn’t have any other option.

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