Two moms, 1500 miles of Ireland’s coast – #RideWild2014 bike tour is now on!

Satu jumping
Jumping out of joy, four days of biking along the Wild Atlantic Way behind and legs are still working! Exciting day ahead with high cliffs and spectacular views to come… “
greets Skimbaco Team member Satu her Instagram friends with this picture last night. The Ride Wild 2014 is now on, Satu and Anne-Marit are on their fifth day of biking the Wild Atlantic Way, the coastal roadway of the coast of Ireland. Watch the video of the moms training in Norway just a few weeks ago – and Satu’s “minis” cheering mama to “go, go, go!” Satu’s wild ride has already gotten an amazing amount of press in Europe, including in Norway, Finland, and in Ireland, as the locals and travelers who love Ireland alike are watching closely as Satu and Anne-Marit are biking the coast, one mile at the time! A few press links are here, if you want to check them out! Interview with Satu – Ireland.com Finnish Travel Blogger to Cycle Length of Wild Atlantic Way – FFT Top Finnish travel blogger to cycle entire length of Wild Atlantic Way over five weeks – Hotel & Restaurant Times Top Travel Blogger Takes On “Challenge Of Her Lifetime” – To Cycle The Entire Length Of The Wild Atlantic Way – Travel and Tour World In Finnish: 2500 kilometriä rantatietä – maailman pisin maisematie löytyy Irlannista – Rantapallo Vihreä saari houkutteli seikkailijan satulaan – Kainuun Sanomat In Norwegian: Småbarnsmødre sykler 100 mil på to uker – Boarding.no Photos from the road… and stay tuned for more from Satu, and follow the journey with the #RideWild2014 hashtag and Satu on Twitter as @SatuVW, Instagram as @ToDestinationUnknown and on the Destination Unknown Facebook page – and of course, more on Satu’s blog Destination Unknown.

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