Instagram Travel Thursday project presented at the TBD Italy 2014


Instagram Travel Thursday Project Presented in Italy

Leigh, Reeta and me from the Skimbaco Team attended the TBD Italy last month, and I was honored to speak about the Power of Communities, and I wanted to tell everyone the powerful story of Instagram Travel Thursday. Travel Blogger Destination Italy, TBD Italy, is a project by the largest travel trade show of Italy, TTG Italia, dedicated to online travel and blogosphere. Launched in 2013, it is the first event in Italy connecting the world of bloggers and online influencers with the tourism industry. I spoke in the event last year as well, and was honored to speak about a topic close to my heart this year as well. I started the Instagram Travel Thursday in 2013 to raise awareness of travel bloggers on Instagram, and help travel bloggers to use this newer medium. I have been on Instagram for almost four years, and wrote a book about it a year and half ago. I saw the rise of Insta-fame and realized that many bloggers have actually much more to offer than people who only use Instagram as their medium, however large following they have on Instagram. The past summer I took a personal break from Instagram Travel Thursday, and now got back with monthly posts instead of weekly blog posts. It may seem that our community is not thriving, but in fact, many of the participants of the Instagram Travel Thursday have been getting new opportunities, more travel and are busier than ever, partially thanks to the Instagram Travel Thursday community. I wanted to take a moment today, and share some of the stats about Instagram Travel Thursday project and also share some of the feedback from our community members. The testimonials are the most powerful way to see the real benefit of Instagram Travel Thursday – not to mention how many of ours travel experiences have enriched thanks to great tips from IGTT members, and thanks to making new friends in our community. Some Instagram Travel Thursday statistics: – Over 230 bloggers have participated with blog posts and link collection promotes everyone’s posts – Almost 20,000 photos tagged on Instagram – Over 2,000 blog posts written in multiple languages, hosted in English, Finnish, German and Italian – Pinterest board to promote bloggers on Instagram – Twitter parties receive over 12 Million impressions

Why join? Our community members confess!

Power of Instagram Travel Thursday community Power of Instagram Travel Thursday community Power of Instagram Travel Thursday community Power of Instagram Travel Thursday community There is one thing common with all of the above people – they have been actively supporting others in the Instagram Travel Thursday (IGTT) community, and the fact that they have helped and pushed other people up in our community, has been noticed by people even beyond the IGTT-participants. I am a big believer that when you help people to succeed, it always circles back to yourself. While many people have tripled their following numbers, and gained hundreds or even thousands of new followers while being participating to IGTT, there are some who have not noticed as large of a bump and have simply quit. Many have joined the IGTT movement in excitement and with high expectations, and these results and testimonials may even inspire many new people to join in. However – the truth is with any community (or relationship, ultimately being part of a community is having a relationship with many people within the community) that your expectations of getting something “out of it” should not surpass what you are willing to give for others. I have much more to say about the subject of community, but above all, I am so thankful for all of our community members who are supporting and helping each others, and I am so proud of our community members who have been inspired by IGTT and started something new on their own. Let’s keep the good thing going! See my slide show for the presentation.

TBD Italy on Instagram

Here are some photos from the TBD Italy 2014 picked from Instagram. Next year – you have to join us!

I may or may not have found my long-lost twin @fashitect at #TBDI2014 #style #werq

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