Even more brainpower can only be a good thing. We want your thoughts, opinions and feedback on what we could improve. We believe it’s much better when you tell us how you want to live – and not the other way around. You could say that IKEA has the ingredients – but you have the recipes.
Marcus Engman, Design manager, IKEA of Sweden.

IKEA in Milan

I will be traveling to Milan later this year to spend a week in the city, and visit the World Expo. I am so excited about my trip to Milan, and one of the expos I would love to see is the #IKEAtemporary, a temporary space in Milan for the World Expo. IKEA set to explore the question of the future kitchens and the life around the kitchen. How do you think we’ll be cooking in 20 years? And what kind of kitchens will we do it in? And how will we eat the food we make? ikea 2 IKEA does this futuristic kitchen exploration in the 2025 Concept kitchen, something created by students at Lund University and Eindhoven University of Technology. It’s all about exploring how technology could remove some of the barriers that keep us from enjoying everyday cooking – with things like self-refrigerating containers and a worktop that gives you recipe suggestions based on the food you put on top of it. And there’s IKEA HACKA, a kitchen that embraces the growing trend of modifying and customizing products to make them your own. The simple outdoor kitchen makes it possible to combine IKEA products with other things you have at home (or even things you’ve created yourself) to create a kitchen that’s totally unique. ikea storage For the next six months, IKEA has a schedule full of events, workshops, talks and cook-alongs around all sorts of interesting topics related to our lives in and around the kitchen at the Milan World Expo to find out more ideas for the future of kitchen living. If you can’t make it all the way to Milan, you can follow along on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at @IKEAtemporary. Or visit the website ikeatemporary.com. I love that IKEA focuses their kitchen design to the most important part of the equation: to the people who will be using the kitchen.
Disclosure: this is sponsored content. But everyone who has been reading Skimbaco Lifestyle for a long time knows I really love IKEA. And that I would love to have an IKEA kitchen for my house.

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