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Where did my travel photos go?

I have been very fortunate. During the past couple of years I traveled to over 20 countries, and loved sharing my photos from around the world on Instagram. However, after moving to upstate New York, and now focusing more on building several new business ventures, like Enjoy Life with Oils, and Global Mappin, I don’t travel nor photograph as much on daily (or even weekly) basis anymore. My Instagram feed got very sad (read: the longest winter of all times in upstate New York), and I was trying to keep up, and it just was not working. I could be sharing old photos, sometimes I do, but part of Instagram is, well, the INSTA-part of being instant and posting in the moment. Use #skimbaco hashtag on Instagram for your photos of living life to the fullest! Skimbaco Lifestyle has never been about me or my life, but all of the different ways people can choose to enjoy life. Even my way of living life to the fullest has changed over the years. We went from “skiing in Colorado” to “shopping in New York” to “jetsetting around Europe” to “nesting in upstate New York” – just during the time I’ve owned Skimbaco. It was a natural path to add an amazing writing team of people who all enjoy life, but in a very different way than I do. I want to keep doing this… showing that #SKIMBACO really is million little AND big ways to enjoy life, and we all Skimbacoers believe in making our lives the best possible and never giving up on our quest for making our dreams and adventures come true. Use #IGtravelThursday hashtag on Instagram for your travel photos on Thursdays! One of the ways I am doing this – I opened my Instagram account to YOUR photos. Use the #skimbaco and #IGtravelThursday hashtags and I feature someone – almost daily. After all, our community is full of inspiring people who enjoy life, travel the world, find beauty close to home and on the other side of the world, everyday. And YOU, our community have tagged almost 50,000 photos already with our two hashtags together. YOU want to be seen an heard, so here you go!! The featured users are also promoted on Facebook.com/skimbaco, Skimbaco on Pinterest and Twitter too. And of course – in the newsletter!!

Best photos by YOU on Instagram

Here are some of our favorites from May! Featured Instagram photo by https://instagram.com/aretakis/ Tropical paradise in Brazil. Photo by @Aretakis. Follow https://instagram.com/wandertooth/ on Instagram Dusk in Prague. Photo by @Wandertooth. Follow https://instagram.com/thisgirllovesblog/ on Instagram - she knows how to live life to the fullest Stunning Malaysia. Photo by @ThisGirlLovesBlog Follow https://instagram.com/misspnelms/ on Instagram, she knows how to live life to the fullest Another gorgeous sunset. In Indonesia. Photo by @misspnelms. Summer is so close... I can taste it! Follow https://instagram.com/moona_joy/ on Instagram Summer is so close! I can taste it! Photo by @Moona_Joy. YOUR turn – show us how you enjoy life and connect with me on Instagram!

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