Findery Now Available for Windows

windows available now I have been using Findery app to slowly add my travel notes to one gigantic world map since the beginning of the year. I hope you connect with me – you can find me there as Skimbaco. One of my favorite ways of using Findery is when you are on the go, and you check out the “Near” tab on the app to see stories of different places close to you. This is especially great when you are traveling to a new town.
Findery is for adventurers, travelers and seekers. We welcome arm chair travelers, weekend wanderers and world explorers alike.”
says Caterina Fake, founder and CEO of Findery. Since the app was formally launched for iOS in March 2014, Findery contributors have left notes to share travel stories in all the 196 countries across the globe. The platform makes it easy to discover treasures in countless places – from where they’ve been to where they dream of going. The armchair travel aspect of Findery allows you to find locations to visit easily with the search function of the map. I have been collecting notes from others too, for example I have over 140 notes in my Family Travel notemap for fun things to do with the kids. I kind of like that I can mix my finds of places where I have been with finds that my Findery friends have found to a same big notemap. What I really like about Findery that it is not actually just for those who are constantly traveling, but also for those who “travel” locally and know their home town. It is a great app to map your favorite things of your hometown too and share with friends and family. On Findery, one person’s local is another person’s travel. At the tap of the screen on the Findery app, you can discover local knowledge about your current location through personal travel stories, hidden histories, and local tips left by the extensive and active community. I would love to visit Reeta in England and see all of these small villages. House of Anais on Findery Findery has been available for iOs and Android, and today Findery announced the Findery for Windows 10. This is kind of a bid deal for those who are loyal Nokia Lumia fans, or have Microsoft programmed phones. For example my husband has a Samsung phone provided by his company, but it runs Windows program instead of Android, to match the internal communication software their company uses. With Findery for Windows 10, you can plot all of your travel stories and travel dreams on a map and explore the world from New York to New Delhi. Pin a Findery note or notemap to your Start Menu or as Cortana “Findery, show me what’s nearby” to find the notes close to you. Once downloaded, Findery for Windows 10 uses the current location to surface interesting local notes. Not actually traveling yet? Wander the world on the app. Follow other members. Discover places you want to visit and explore. Notes can be about local history or folklore, point out interesting factoids, or be a way to share a little anecdote about a location. Notemaps are a curated collection of notes about a particular topic, theme, or location. Members can add their own notes and notes from others to the notemaps they create. findery-platforms I hope you join me on Findery – no matter which platform or device you use, now you have multiple options, because Findery is on all of them!

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