Dress Well to Improve Your Confidence

It happens to all of us at some point: standing in front of the closet wondering “what should I wear?!” It may not seem like it at the time where you are trying to run out the door and arrive to your destination on time, however, the selection you make can have a significant effect on your self-confidence. In a way, we are what we wear. Personal appearance, and clothing specifically, sends one of the largest messages of how one chooses to portray one’s self to the outside world. This choice then ultimately influences how others perceive and receive you.

Fashion matters, more than you think

I am a firm believer in fashion’s close connection to self-love and self-respect as I have seen personal impacts in my own life. In my younger days, I used to not care as much about the clothing I would wear to school, out to dinner, etc. At that point in my life, I just wanted to be comfortable and felt that worrying about clothing would just be another stressor in my life. However, at the beginning of high school I made a conscious decision to focus on my fashion choices, beginning to become attuned to brands, styles, fits, and trends. This decision has continued to evolve to the point today where fashion is not only a passion of mine, but my friends and those around me regard me as a “stylish” and “fashion forward” person that always has the right look on. I noticed an impact on not only my self-respect and perception but also the way others perceived me. In a way, you adapt qualities of the clothing you are wearing. What is better than walking into an interview in a well-fitting suit? You embody what a suit mean, carrying yourself more confidently and embrace a business mindset in that moment. Think this concept isn’t important? Take a look at the big business that has evolved out of image and branding. People hire image consultants and wardrobe stylists to dress them because they know that personal image is so important for self-confidence and perception. It is important to note that dressing well and focusing on your image does not need to cost a fortune. It is all about finding clothes that fit you well, but more importantly ones that make YOU feel good and make YOU feel confident. After all, if you are not confident with yourself, then who else is going to be? Next time you go to put on workout clothes to head to the home office, or jeans to that nice restaurant, I encourage you to pause and think about how these clothing choices given the environment will affect your mindset and confidence. This post was originally published in our Everyday Love magazine issue. Read the entire issue! Save

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